Wednesday, December 30, 2009

During Flu Season - Breastfeeding Is The Best Protection For Your Baby

During the flu season and especially since the Swine Flu epidemic, breastfeeding is so important in safeguarding your little ones.

Even the Center for Disease Control, whom I typically disagree with, agrees:
Because mothers make antibodies to fight diseases they come in contact with, their milk is custom-made to fight the diseases their babies are exposed to as well. This is really important in young babies when their immune system is still developing.

Breastmilk is nature's way of boosting a young ones immune system. All those lovely antibodies that mom has built up over her lifetime are passed along to her baby. This is a much safer and respectful way to immunize your baby.

There is one H1N1 vaccine approved for infants. The package insert for the H1N1 vaccine produced by Sanofi Pasteur, Inc. lists formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, as an ingredient in this vaccine. Since extensive testing of this vaccine hasn't been tested yet - the long term effects remain to be seen. What I can tell you is that injecting formaldehyde into any body, but particularity a little body can be very dangerous and in some cases fatal.

Mercury is also an ingredient in the Swine Flu vaccine. According to Victoria Nicks of Suite 101:
A .5 mL dose of the vaccine contains 25 micrograms of mercury, according to the package insert. Each infant dose of swine flu vaccine is .25 mL, exactly one-half the amount of vaccine and mercury, which equals 12.5 micrograms of mercury. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency uses a formula to state the amount of mercury that an individual can be exposed to without "recognized adverse effects," of .1 microgram per kilogram of body weight per day. In order to avoid adverse effects, the six month old infant receiving a 12.5 microgram dose must weigh at least 275 lbs.

Read more at Suite101: Infant's Swine Flu Vaccine Injection Ingredients: Toxins in H1N1 Vaccination Formulated for Babies Six Months and Up

In my house if a kid is sick, I will express some breast milk into a cup and have them drink it. I realize that some people might be grossed out by the idea, however, my children don't stay sick for more then a day or so. Even when my entire family had a Type A flu that we believe was H1N1 - not one of us was in bed for over 24 hours.

For guidelines on breastfeeding while infected with the Swine Flu visit

If you can't or won't breastfeed please consider going to a milk bank to boost your baby's health. There is a yahoo milk share group as well as local milk banks all across the country.

A real look at the components of formula and why it is substandard to breastmilk, visit:

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

LolliDoo Retailers

Since I can't seem to add a link list to this blog - here is a short list to get you by:

Alyah's Alternatives
p: 866-755-7977

Baby Cotton Bottoms
p: 866-77-CLOTH

Banana Peels Diapers

The Changing Times

Diaper Daisy
433 South Prindle Avenue
Arlington Heights, Illinois 60004
| p: 224-542-9238
Tuesday - Friday 10:00-4:00 | Saturday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

EOrganicNursery Ltd

Go Green Baby Co.
College Ave. Shoppes - 720 E. College Ave. # 6
Salisbury, MD 21804
| p: 443-736-8611
Tuesday - Friday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm | Saturday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Little Lions
p: 760-500-8362

Living Earth Babies


No Sugar Added

Simple Wonders
p: 360-528-1842

Terra Tots Natural Parenting
21 West Mountain, Suite 227
Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701 | p: 479-587-TOTS
Tuesday - Friday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm | Saturday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Tiny Tots
138 Railway Avenue
Campbell, CA 95008
| p: 408-866-2900
Monday - Saturday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Diaper Economics

Without even touching on the obvious environmental and heath threats of disposable diapers: In this lovely recession I don't understand why anyone would waste money on disposable diapers.

Considering that an average pack of disposable diapers costs around $30 for a 40 count package. That fluctuate a bit depending on the size diaper you purchase.

Now just for the sake of arguing lets suppose you bought two dozen of the most expensive LolliDoo(TM) system. That would include Tye-Dye Fitted Innies(TM) paired with Recycled Outties(TM). Tye Dye Innies(TM) retail for $60 each and Recycled Outties(TM) are $28-$30 depending if they are Classic or Overnight.

According to - babies go through an average of 9 diapers a day. We all know that babies should be changed more often then that but for statistical purposes I'll use that figure. I am also going to use 2.5 years as an average time that a baby spends in diapers. This doesn't include "pull-ups" or the likes.

An average family will spend .75 a disposable diaper which costs approximately $6.75 per day. Annually a family will spend somewhere near $2464 and in two and a half years this family will have spent over $6000 on a disposable product.

Now lets go back to the premium LolliDoo(TM) line. Two dozen (approximately two days worth) Tye Dye Fitted Innies(TM) will run you $1440 and lets say that you buy 18 Classic Recycled Outties(TM) and 6 Overnight Recycled Outties totaling $684.

Lets compare the eco-pockets(TM) as well while we are at it, using the same quantities. So 18 Classic eco-pockets(TM) and 6 Overnight eco-pockets(TM) will cost $876.

As LolliDoo(TM) diapers are ALL one-size, there is no need to continually restock AND they can be passed down from child to child.

As you can see from my calculations above, even using the most expensive LolliDoo(TM) system saves the consumer upwards of $4000 in a baby's lifetime.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Observations from a Jew on Christmas

I have to preface this post by saying that I grew up in a Jewish community and wasn't exposed to Christmas other then on TV or driving through downtown Cleveland to look at Christmas lights.

You spend how much?
My very good friend was in tears because she only had $750 to spend on Christmas. I honestly had no idea that people spent that much. Hanukkah may be eight presents but the presents are things like a box of crayons or chocolate money that we call gelt. I have had rants in the past about the sheer consumerism of the holidays but honest to God, I did not grasp the magnitude of it until my girlfriend told me that she usually spends around $2000.

Cook until you drop
Clearly if you've seen a photo of me then you know that I enjoy pastries. I've recently learned that my gentile friends spend days making cookies and pastries. This has got to be my favorite part of the season (this is a big hint to make me cookies). Another Christmas tradition, at least in Tucson, is to make tamales. Oh my heck are they good.

So to recap - I am open to pastry and tamales if anyone wants to bring me some :)

Everyone assumes that you celebrate Christmas
It's really weird for me, even after living in Tucson for 16 years, to have people wish me a Merry Christmas. That wasn't something that happened often back east. I appreciate the good wishes, I appreciate the thought of people on FaceBook sending me Christmas Trees and Christmas Ornaments but truthfully it's insulting. I wrestle with myself knowing full well they are not intentionally being prejudicial but rather they are just being happy in the holiday. I do wonder what would happen if I ignored Christmas and wished everyone a Happy Hanukkah and sent them dreidels and gelt on FaceBook 300,000 times.

Holy Consumerism Batman!
I don't think this even needs an explanation other then WOW.

Expectations are high
It amazes me that people have this fantasy of how their Christmas should be. Some of my friends work themselves up into a panic trying to make their Christmas perfect. One of my best friends buys herself something every year just so that she has something to open. She takes her 5 year old son shopping and has him pick something out for her; she pays for it and wraps it and then hides it until Christmas. Yes I do feel bad for her and I love her so I try to give her something to open from me because her Christmas is made or broken by the presents.

What's up with the cards?
I don't get the whole Christmas card thing and I always feel bad when I get one because I don't reciprocate - however if you send me a photo of your family it will live on my fridge for years.

Whatever holiday you celebrate, (or don't), have a safe, joyous and healthy new year.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Insights From Cassie Lopez

How could you succeed in your life without the full knowledge of what is going on?

I had the honor of receiving a palm reading from Cassie Lopez. Without me providing insight into my life; Cassie read and explained the various lines on my hand extremely accurately. She was able to identify places in my life that needed work as well as keys to my success. Not only was my reading with Cassie insightful but it helped me to get "unstuck".

If you have questions, if you feel "stuck", or even if you are just curious - I recommend that you ask Cassie to guide you through.

Cassie's goal is to travel the world giving lectures, motivational workshops, coaching businesses, training yoga teachers and also to write and perform original music that inspires and opens love in the world.She also offers phone readings for people in other areas. She wants to keep teaching her Transformational Tarot Workshop and has worked up some really good information and approach to teaching it.

Contact info:
Cassie Lopez

Monday, November 30, 2009

We Won't Be Going To The Boom Boom Room

Oh well I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Another cloth diaper company paid top dollar to ensure that they would be the only cloth diaper company there and frankly I'm feeling good about that. I'm jazzed that we were on the radar in the first place.

There is always next year...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

We Were Invited To The Boom Room

Don't worry if you don't know what it is, I didn't either. It's a gifting suite during the Golden Globe Awards. If we attend - we need to bring about 50 diapers that we give away to the stars for free.

This is a good opportunity to get media coverage and I just so happen to be in LA during the time it's occurring and the synergy is hard to ignore. It is in less then two months which doesn't give me much time to pull together an eye catching display.

I do have some concerns though. First of all if I am giving away free diapers I'd much rather give them to disadvantaged families. Secondly, it's not cheap to have your product there - not only are we supplying 50 units but we have to pay for a table and such. Additionally I'm a bit intimated by the whole Hollywood scene. How are they going to take to a big ole hippie chick, (OK actually I'm small but you get the drift), in their midst? Lastly, Happy Heinys bills themselves as the diaper to the stars and I have no desire to take over that market. I don't want to step on any toes especially being such a young company.

On the positive side - LolliDoo(TM) will get excellent exposure and possibly national coverage. Hollywood is going green and the media even coined the term "Hollywood Eco-Babies". I believe so strongly that LolliDoo(TM) Diapers are the best choice for families, the environment and our American economy that passing up the chance to get the word out on a large scale seems irresponsible. I am really proud of LolliDoo(TM) and the opportunity to talk to people about it, letting them feel the soft the recycled fleece , giving them our back story - is imperative to our success.

Just look at all this press going on for the Boom Boom Room:

I am leaning towards going - although it doesn't align with all my values I don't feel like it compromises my integrity either and a direct result can be reaching millions of people which will put me in a position where I can help disadvantaged families, hire a larger workforce and keep our babies healthy all at the same time.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


My friend Tera posted this on FaceBook today. As a midwife and doula (they spelled it wrong) - she was understandably upset. As a woman reading this I felt so violated.

Just read this from the DONA website

Numerous clinical studies have found that a doula’s presence at birth

  • tends to result in shorter labors with fewer complications
  • reduces negative feelings about one’s childbirth experience
  • reduces the need for pitocin (a labor-inducing drug), forceps or vacuum extraction and cesareans
  • reduces the mother’s request for pain medication and/or epidurals

Other studies have shown that having a doula as part of the birth team decreases the overall cesarean rate by 50%, the length of labor by 25%, the use of oxytocin by 40% and the request for an epidural by 60%.

Now why would a "woman's clinic" take away her support system? I am guessing that the clinic doesn't want someone advocating for the mother. Maybe they prefer to have "control" over the birth. Maybe they use scare tactics, maybe they are just plain mean. For whatever reason it's time to make a stand.

Lets call this clinic and tell them that:

We are in charge of our births

We decide who will and will not be our support

We will use any safe method we choose to manage pain (Bradley for one)

We deserve an advocate

We will not be bullied, scared or discriminated against.

We are women, HEAR US ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Aspen Woman's Clinic.. Give them a call 801-374-5000- Let them know you don't like their SIGN!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Conversations with Zoe age 4

My daughter Zoe had an uncanny way at looking at life. Here are some recent conversations:

While we were driving in the van Zoe shouts, "Mom look! It's a bury garden!"
"What's a bury garden?" I ask.

"Well Mother,(I don't know why she calls me Mother), A bury garden is a place where dead people go to bury themselves and then they turn into dirt and people plant flowers over them."
Can you guess what a bury garden is? A cemetery

Zoe has been insisting for quite awhile now that she needs a cell phone. She asks me for one at least once a day. Today I told her that she could get a phone when she was older. "But Mother - I am a 4 year old teenager!"

I was driving with Zoe in the van and we were having a conversation about where we were going. I told her we were going to the corner of Broadway and Campbell. She asked me if that was the name of the place and I said, "No those are the cross streets to where we are going." Zoe thought about it for a minute and said, "Mama May (my grandmother) lives on Tigers Street." The last time we visited my grandmother was in January and for the record she lives on Lyons - which none of my older children could name.

Zoe asked me to escort her to the bathroom because she's scared of skeletons, ghosteses and lobsters

Zoe warming up after a swim in "Lost Vegas"

Teaching yoga to her siblings

Zoe is fascinated with dragons

Friday, October 9, 2009

I've Come To Like Michelle Duggar

I know, she's not a real popular person at least amongst my circle of friends and she has a very different value system then I do but I can't help but admire the woman for one big reason.

She is a natural childbirth and VBAC advocate.

I tuned into her show last night anxious to see her granddaughter make her way into the world. I was pleasantly surprised to see her daughter-in-law deliver little Mackynzie at home, peacefully and safely.

Congratulations to the Duggars.

Now, if we can get them to switch from disposable diapers to cloth...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Apple Pie For Sunday Breakfast...

I woke up this morning in a baking kind of mood. The kids were all still asleep and the kitchen was clean, (I can't cook in a dirty kitchen). I had all the fixins for an apple pie so I went for it.

I made the pie as I regularly do with organic ingredients, a tinge of evaporated cane juice and my own mixture of nutmeg and cinnamon. Instead of making a top crust I scoured my pantry to find something resembling breakfast

The result - oatmeal.

I mixed oatmeal with organic brown sugar and butter and spread it on top. I reasoned that people put brown sugar and butter in their oatmeal all the time and although my kids don't eat sugary breakfasts - lots of people do and this one time won't hurt them.

Doesn't that look wholesome :)

For what it's worth I ALWAYS use Granny Smith apples - they are so flavorful that you really don't need a sweetener.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Grocery Store Observations

I went shopping today at my local Albertsons. I prefer Trader Joes but it's about 20 minutes away and I had three kids with me. So Albersons it was. They have a little "healthy" section now with organic produce, dairy and snack items.

At the checkout line I look around to see if anyone notices Talia screaming for candy (which she didn't get). As I'm looking around I start to notice what's in other people's carts. I was amazed by the ratio of processed non-food to produce.

I was trying not to be judgmental because my cart was produce-free as well. Now I'm no saint but I really try to feed my kids clean so we have organic produce delivered once a week and we buy all natural antibiotic-free meat from a local guy.

So I'm watching this older lady maybe in her mid to late 60's. Everything she bought was "lite" or fat-free. For example she had fat-free cheese, TV dinners and bread. Lite juice drinks that didn't look like they had juice to me, lite creamer and snack cakes.

I'm watching this lady and I feel so sad about the things she is putting in her body. What a lot of people, including me at times, put in our bodies. We are poisoning ourselves by putting all this non-food "food" into our bodies. People can't understand why they have aches and pains, migraines and cancer. Look at your food people!

Processed, packaged foods have almost completely taken over the diet of Americans. In fact, nearly 90 percent of our household food budget is spent on processed foods, according to industry estimates.-Readers Digest

Artificial sweeteners, artificial coloring, trans fats, refined grains, sodium, high fructose corn syrup!

I've heard the argument that a little bit won't hurt. How much is a little bit?

Please I beg of you, read the nutrition labels, buy as much fresh organic produce, dairy and meat as possible. Learn to cook your favorite snacks so that you can make them healthy. You can easily make potato chips with fresh potatoes and olive oil. Replacing trans fats with good fats could cut your heart attack risk by a whopping 53 percent.

That's worth it to me!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

More ABC Expo Pictures - We Are In Them This Time

Melissa and I getting some paperwork in order

Oh we are such posers :)

Explaining the new elastic cinch sizing to the Terra Tots crew

More posing

Monday, September 21, 2009

I hang out with my ex husband and his wife

People look at me kind of funny when I mention that I am having dinner with John - my former spouse, (he prefers former spouse to ex husband), and his wife Meghan. I hear things like, "Wow, how can you do that?" and "Why would you want to hang out with your ex and his spouse?"

The truth is that I like them. John and I have known each other since I was 12 - we got married when I was 19 and divorced when I was 21. Frankly I think it was a classic case of getting married too young. We didn't have any "huge" issues, it was more like time to move on.

We do have a daughter Jordan who turned 16 on Thursday. This is another big reason that we hang out. Parents who communicate and show a united front - in my opinion - raise healthier kids. At least that's the objective.

I'm sure that John gets irritated with my logical and natural consequences approach to parenting because he's more of a keep em home and safe kind of guy. We are very different in our parenting and life philosophies and sometimes it's stressful but I am proud to say that we talk it out like adults and come to a resolution.

John and Meghan feel like family, not the ex-husband type but more like a cousin. We have been divorced for over 14 years and frankly I can't imagine ever being married to him. However, I really enjoy our time together, I laugh and have interesting conversations. John and I are both originally from a suburb of Cleveland and it's also nice to have someone from home around.

John and Meghan have a little girl who is just a doll and my Littles love to play with her. She adores Jordan and I try to have her over as often as she wants to come.

I am a firm believe in "it takes a village" especially with Jordan. It's not always smooth, it's not always fun but it sure helps to have other parents to rely on when things get tough. When something great happens, like Jordan skipping sophomore year, it's also wonderful to have someone to gush with.

Jordan's birthday dinner 9-19-09

Top Row:

Talia, Me, Chuck, My dad aka Poppy holding Zoe, John, Meghan holding Caroline, Marty (my mom's main squeeze)

Bottom Row:

Jordan, Rylee, My brother aka Uncle Jonny, My mom aka Ginger

A few shots of our booth at the ABC Kids Expo

Saturday, September 19, 2009

We Are Back From the ABC Kids Expo

Well hellooooooooooooooooo...

Melissa and I are back from a week long working trip to Las Vegas where we exhibited at the ABC Kids Expo. In addition to exhibiting we had our annual Real Diaper Industry Association Meeting as well as several breakout sessions.

We introduced an updated version of LolliDoo™ Eco-Pockets

Organic Innies™

and Recycled Outties™

In addition to our existing retailers, we met several more wonderful people who share common values and are committed to keeping our babies and out planet healthy.

You can buy LolliDoo™ Diapers at:

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our Iguana Helps Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

It's true!

When Chuck brought home Danatella aka Donnie we were so excited to have a new member of the family. The previous owner - a bachelor more concerned with drinking beer then taking care of the Iguana - fed her lettuce and oranges. Unfortunately Donnie was malnourished due to her poor diet and she broke both her femurs.

On the upside our vet got her all fixed up and we researched the proper diet for an Iguana.

Turns out she eats all sorts of things that we would normally throw in the compost. She eats the green carrot tops, when my kids have watermelon Donnie eats the rinds same for beet greens, the leaves off of cabbage pretty much anything that I would normally compost.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Think We Had The Swine Flu

Yep, the dreaded Swine Flu aka H1N1.

My whole family started getting sick while we were driving home from Washington. Right when we hit Las Vegas Talia got sick. It wasn't fun, but it was so mild that I thought she was teething.

When we got home I got sick. I thought I had two flus at once. I had one day where I stayed in bed with a fever. That's it, one day. I was miserable for that one day - but not sick enough to go to a doctor.

One by one the rest of the Manes crew came down with this weird double flu. No one was in bed longer then two days.

I don't understand why people are panicking about this flu. It was milder then strep throat.

In case you do get the dreaded Swine Flu and want a natural remedy, check out this article

In my opinion the media likes to create exciting news and in doing so often times scares the poop out of people. Do not let the Swine Flu Pandemic cause you alarm:
A pandemic (from Greek πᾶν pan "all" + δῆμος demos "people") is an epidemic of infectious disease that is spreading through human populations across a large region.(Wikipedia)

A cold can become a pandemic if it spreads.

If you are a typical relatively healthy person then the Swine Flu is nothing more then any old flu - don't worry. I repeat STOP WORRYING!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Are you kidding me?

That's Talia's new favorite expression and she uses it in context. For example - Chuck (daddy) was in the shower. Talia went in to peek at him. He asked her if she wanted to get into the shower with him.

Talia's reply, "Are you kidding me? Are you seriously kidding me?"

Now that I type it it's not as funny as I thought it was. Here is a picture of Talia, now imagine this little Minnie Mouse voice screaming "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!" all through my house.

Got it now?

Oh never mind I'm going to bed.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

When Are You Going to Wean Her?

I hear this question at least once a week. Talia turned two February 15 and she is still nursing. It wasn't a conscious decision to nurse her this long, in fact I had planned on weaning her when she turned two. Talia had a different timeline.

She's just not ready. So the more she wants to nurse, the more research I've done. This is what I've found:

Each time you nurse your toddler, you are providing nutrition, boosting her immune system and reducing her risk of allergies, no matter how old she is.

Some doctors may feel that nursing will interfere with a child's appetite for other foods. Yet there has been no documentation that nursing children are more likely than weaned children to refuse supplementary foods.

Nursing toddlers between the ages of 16 and 30 months have been found to have fewer illnesses and illnesses of shorter duration than their non-nursing peers

"Antibodies are abundant in human milk throughout lactation" (Nutrition During Lactation 1991; p. 134). In fact, some of the immune factors in breastmilk increase in concentration during the second year and also during the weaning process. (Goldman 1983, Goldman & Goldblum 1983, Institute of Medicine 1991).

Extensive research on the relationship between cognitive achievement (IQ scores, grades in school) and breastfeeding has shown the greatest gains for those children breastfed the longest.

Meeting a child's dependency needs is the key to helping that child achieve independence. And children outgrow these needs according to their own unique timetable. Children who achieve independence at their own pace are more secure in that independence then children forced into independence prematurely.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that "Breastfeeding should be continued for at least the first year of life and beyond for as long as mutually desired by mother and child... Increased duration of breastfeeding confers significant health and developmental benefits for the child and the mother... There is no upper limit to the duration of breastfeeding and no evidence of psychologic or developmental harm from breastfeeding into the third year of life or longer." (AAP 2005)

According to Dr. Jack Newman:

Common concerns associated with nursing a toddler were also addressed. Some health care professionals comment, "There is no nutritional value of human milk beyond a certain age." Newman called this an unbelievable statement. He wondered aloud how human milk suddenly became white water after a certain age when, before that age, breastfeeding had all sorts of benefits to mother and baby. The concern that extended breastfeeding will prevent a child from developing his own immunity was discussed. In reality, breastfeeding provides passive protection via mother's immunities that come in human milk, but also stimulation to a child's immune system. A breastfed child has a more mature immune system.

Another concern Newman often hears is that breastfeeding a toddler will cause dependency. He pointed out that all three-year-olds tend to be pretty dependent on their mothers. Breastfeeding provides a sense of security and love that will help foster independence rather than create dependence. Newman stated that loving human contact does not cause harm to a child.

Armed with all this information on the benefits of extended breastfeeding it's puzzling why my family and friends are constantly trying to get me to wean her. I am going to nurse Talia for as long as she wants; it's not real fun for me and I catch a lot of slack for it but it's good for her and my job as a mom is to make the best choices for my child. Guest Blogger Alison Manes "Cesareans; Once a Lifesaving Surgery Has Turned Into a Fad" Guest Blogger Alison Manes "Cesareans; Once a Lifesaving Surgery Has Turned Into a Fad"

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Take on Octomom

I was up late last night and a special came on TV called Octomom; the unseen footage. Usually I stay clear of the news and subsequently didn't know much about her other then some woman who already had six kids had octuplets. *Interesting side note when I tried to run spell check on the word octuplets and I got sextuplets, quintuplets and couplets.

As I am watching the chaos of media I feel bad for the mom aka Nadya. She looks scared and shocked by how much attention she was getting. She said,
"I'm just a mom why are they so interested in me?"

I'm not going to pick apart this woman and her decisions, I don't know what I would do if I was in a position that I either had to implant my embryos or they would be destroyed. Especially if I believed as she does, that they were living children. I do want to point out two major things that she can do to save money, live conscientiously and keep her carbon footprint as low as possible.

1. Immediately switch to cloth diapers. The book Diapers: Environmental Impacts and Life cycle Analysis claims that over 300 pounds of wood, 50 pounds of petroleum feedstocks and 20 pounds of chlorine are used to produce disposable diapers for one baby EACH YEAR. Holy cow man, that woman has 10 children currently in diapers which means JUST THIS YEAR her family will have consumed 3000 pounds of wood, 500 pounds of petrolem and 200 pounds of chlorine. Not to mention that over one ton of *illegal* sold waste is dumped in our landfills by each child in cloth diapers.

I realize that she's probably too tired to eat let alone wash diapers but I noticed that she has a small army in her employ to help her. She even managed to sneak away and get a tattoo.

Cloth diapers, as well as being eco friendly will save her approximately $12445.20 if she uses prefolds and covers, $7261.20 if she uses fitted diapers with diaper covers, $9277.20 if she uses LolliDoo(TM) eco-pockets(TM) and $7261.20 if she uses a low cost pocket diaper. *calculations based on 96 total diapers or 12 per baby

At any rate, those are HUGE savings worth taking a look at.

2. Ditch the formula I know easier said then done. I realize that it's not possible for one woman to exclusively breastfeed 8 babies simultaneously however I have faith that the milk share community would happily provide her with breastmilk for a low cost. Mothers will reach out to those babies. I suggest asking yahoo milkshare and calling La Leche League.

The cost of formula feeding one baby for one year on average is $1643. Multiply that by 8 and you get $13,144. I am blown away how much it can cost to feed a baby formula.

The environmental impacts are also astounding. Peggy O'Mara explains,
"Manufacturing formula requires miles and miles of cows. Each grazing cow that produces milk for artificial baby milk needs about one hectare (10,000 square meters) of land. To create enough land for cows to graze on, forests are cut down, which leads to deforestation, which in turn contributes to soil erosion and water contamination; or land is used for cattle that was previously used to grow food for families. In addition, cow flatulence and excretion account for 20 percent of the world's total annual emissions of methane. While methane is second only to CO2 in contributing to greenhouse gases, it is much more destructive of ozone than is CO2. A similar equation could be used around soybeans, an alternative to milk, which use significant pesticides, water, and petroleum resources in their production and distribution.

O’Mara also asks us to consider the energy used in heating baby formula: “One study determined that producing one kilo of formula in Mexico costs 12.5 square meters of rain forest.” In the U.S., this cost is less noticeable, but there is still an energy cost to transporting and heating formula."

This is bad stuff folks, if you want to read more about the health risks of formula click here

I don't believe in judging others and for that reason I don't want to trash the woman but I do wish she would be more responsible.

Monday, August 17, 2009

LolliDoo Eco Pockets win the PTPA Media Award!

We are allowed to announce that LolliDoo Eco Pockets have won the PTPA Media Award.

PTPA Media’s mission is to discover and appraise new products designed for children and families.We research new products and coordinate testing with parents. Award winning products are selected based on value, functionality, quality and appeal.


This is why we don't use bamboo

We explored using bamboo for LolliDoo, but nixed it for this very reason. Once turned into textiles, bamboo is NOT antimicrobial, nor is it an eco-friendly fabric. Apparently, the FTC agrees with our decision to NOT use bamboo in our products. Ins...tead, LolliDoo is comprised only of recycled and certified organic fabrics, and we're soon to announce the further "greening" of our product with a revolutionary new...mmm, you'll just have to stay tuned to find out. :)

To read on go to

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Obama Apologizes for the Declaration of Independence

Have you heard that President Obama issued a formal apology to Britain for the Declaration of Independence?

How about that the CDC has warned that Swine Flu is wiping out villiages in Asia and will kill 60% of the US population?


I know you've gotten this one in an email:

Please look at this picture of missing 13 year old Ashley Flores, read what her mother says and pass it on.

I've gotten that one at least a dozen times this year.

The truth is folks, is that they are all hoaxes passed on by thousands among thousands of people via email and social networking websites.

Why do people continue sending their friends and families these put-ons? This is an example of a letter that's been going around. It's just plain weird.

Subject: Make A Wish Foundation (fwd)

A plea from a sick little girl

Little Kimberly Anne is dying of a horrible tropical disease. Her goal,
before she passes into the Great Beyond, is to collect as many free America
Online disks as she can, to make the Guiness Book of Records. Her project
is being sponsored by the Wish-Upon-a-Star Foundation, which specializes in
fulfilling the final wishes of such sick little girls.

So, next time you get an unwanted AOL disk in the mail, don't throw it away!
Think of the sparkle it will bring to the eye of a dying child. Write on
the package:

[Address deleted to prevent this hoax from continuing.]

Please copy this message and circulate it to your friends, neighbors, and
co-workers. Only you can child's wish reality! God bless you from the
Wish-Upon-a-Star Foundation!

I don't know who creates these hoaxes and why they are prepetuated but I what I can do is direct you to a tool; has a comprehensive list of what is true and what is false. Please, please go to before passing along any more of those emails.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

LolliDoo Won an Award!

Unfortunately I'm not allowed to mention the name of the award until their press conference, but it's very exciting and we are so pleased.

I'll post more information as soon as I am able.

Thanks for all your support.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Save Water-Pee in the Shower

My husband Chuck has been hounding me to publicly endorse peeing in the shower. He is convinced that is saves water. I was leery about the actual benefits of peeing in the shower so I did a little bit of research.

I was amazed to discover that you can save a minimum of 584 gallons of water per year per person in your household by just peeing in the shower once a day instead of the toilet. (

Well gosh darnet, the man is on to something.

According to the Free Republic, 42% of Americans already pee in the shower. Imagine how much water we can save if we can get the rest of the country on board.

I also heard a rumor that peeing on your feet in the shower prevents athletes foot. I couldn't find any conclusive evidence either way. Some experts agree while others maintain that keeping the foot as dry as possible and NOT peeing on it is the answer.

Some people may be concerned with the general grossness of peeing in the shower. Rest assured that unless you eat asparagus, the pee smell will wash right down the drain. Asparagus eaters may want to pee before they wash so that the soap can dilute the asparagus smell.

In the wise words of my husband " Save Water-Pee in the Shower"

He's very proud of himself as you can see :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Congratulations to the LolliDoo FaceBook Winners


Congratulations to:

Carolyn Hinton

Brooke Walsh

Stefanie Abad

Please contact me with your mailing information:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Tale of a Nose Piercing

I went to get my nose pierced last Thursday. It's something I've been thinking about doing for months and I was always too chicken to get it done. When my work-wife told me about this place in the Spokane Valley Mall that numbs you before you get it pierced and I was all over it.

So I went to the mall and signed the legal papers and went into the piercing room. The piercer was a super sweet girl and we chatted about our mutual obsession with vampire novels. I turned her on to Laurell K. Hamilton (go read her by the way).

So Valerie numbs me up and started piercing. OUCH! That numbing stuff is overrated and I was unhappily surprised by how much it hurt, I am a natural child birther so you would think that I could handle a little needle, but nope.

It was over fast and I was pleased to have a new stud in my nose. I read all the care instructions and followed them precisely.

This morning I woke up and my nose had absorbed the stud. YUCK! Not only did it hurt to push the stud back through but now it's all gooey and ick.

So this afternoon I am going back to Silver Safari to see what they can do. I'm thinking I just need a longer post. I really don't want a huge Dennis Rodman hoop and the piercing is so high that I'm afraid I will have to get one. I may just say screw it and take it out all together.

Stay tuned for more sagas of my nose...

My 9 year old daughter took this because she said I looked like someone from the 80's, actually I think she meant the 70's but can sort of see my nose.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What Happened to Good Samaritans?

My business partner Melissa and I were traveling in the SUV with some of our kids today ages 2-15. We had four kids under 4, Rylee who is 9 and Jordan who is 15. All of a sudden the tire blew out on the highway.

Not to worry, Melissa got us safely to the shoulder.

However, we were on the side of the road for almost an hour and no one stopped to see if we were ok. My husband Chuck was on his way to pick up the kids and Melissa's husband was on his way to change the tire.

So, seeing that the kids were switching vehicles I lined up all four child car seats on the shoulder so that the kids could move around in the SUV while we waited for daddies to come rescue us.

So there we were, obviously stranded with a pack of little kids and no one stopped. They had no way of knowing that help was on the way. I was very disappointed with the residents of Spokane today.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Win a FREE LolliDoo Eco-Pocket Diaper

It's easy, just become a fan of Go Green Sustainable Industries on FaceBook

You will be automatically entered in the drawing.

Helloooooooo from LolliDoo World Headquarters

My family and I have been in Newman Lake, WA since June 14th. We are enjoying the cool weather although we are bundling up at night in sweats. Melissa and I have quite a bit to do in order to get diapers out to you and we are on it. LolliDoo's should hit the shelves in early July, hooray!

Here are some highlights and a super sneak peak at the new Tye Dyed Eco-Fitted diapers coming your way this fall. Enjoy.

Carl, Melissa's husband built a slide that goes right off their front porch. Zoe, Talia and Skylar really enjoy it.

Chuck and Carl built the kids a swing set. Here are Melody and Talia swingin away.

A larger view of the swing set with Zoe modeling the rope swing.

This is Melissa's husband Carl. Notice his "sexy dad's change cloth diapers" shirt? I couldn't resist :)

LolliDoo Certified Organic Cotton not yet sewn but...


Working on more colors next week.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Looking for Good Thoughts and Prayers

My good friend Shona was in a horrible car accident a few weeks ago. She was driving home from work and hit a deer. Her car rolled over several times and her injuries were extreme. I don't remember them all but some are a lacerated liver, broken vertebrae and her kidney's shut down. She has had some surgeries and is on the mend, THANK GOD! I finally got to speak with today and she said that she might not walk again. She is a single mother with two small boys, ages 4 and 2. Please, please send some prayers her way.


Shona's oldest son Gage

Monday, June 8, 2009

Road Trippin

My family and I are about to embark on a four day road trip. The final destination is Newman Lake, WA home of LolliDoo Headquarters.

I am not a fan of driving, get me to an airport and I'm happy. I don't have the patience for endless driving, I'm too antsy. This is going to be interesting.

Chuck decided that it would do us all good and save money to drive. He also declared that we are leaving at 3am on Thursday so that we can spend the day at the Grand Canyon. While that's a great idea, I don't think he considered that we will be exhausted and chasing kids who are wide awake after sleeping in the car for 5 hours.

Oy vey.

Day 2 we are going to go see the arches in Moab, UT. Chuck is really excited about this. I am more excited to spend the night at my friend's house in Sandy, UT.

Day 3 we are going to the Idaho Potato Museum. Is this starting to remind anyone of Chevy Chase? We even have the cargo carrier on the roof of the van now.

Finally we arrive at Carl and Melissa's house on Day 4. We will co-habitate for about a month, give or take.

Check in for LolliDoo updates, we are going to be working on projects that will rock your socks.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Do you have people who believe in you?

I do and I am so grateful and blessed. My mother and my grandparents not only believe in me but they support and stand behind me.

My grandparents are children of the depression. When they first got married, my grandfather was in the Army and they were so poor that their kitchen table was an ironing board. My grandfather worked really hard and after his Army career became an entrepreneur. Eventually he had a successful manufacturer's representative business selling automotive parts; which he made a family business with my father- his son-in-law, and my Uncle Denny.

My mother and my grandparents believe in me, they really do. I am so lucky to have people who I can depend on to catch me if I start to fall. They have been my cheering section, my support and my sounding board every step of the way on my life journey.

Now that I have LolliDoo Diapers, they are so supportive of me. My grandmother calls me in tears telling me how proud she is. They celebrate my accomplishments as if they are their own. No matter what I've done; and in my life I've pulled some doozies, they love me unconditionally, they don't judge me and they keep pulling for me.

This is my Mama May and Papa Bob on one of their first dates

Here we are now:
Talia in my arms, My mom, Rylee, Jordan, my brother Jon

Mama May holding Zoe, Papa Bob


1. Family comes first

2. Always look for bargains, never pay full price

3. Put away money for your children and grandchildren, always take care of your kids first

4. Sing, dance and be joyful

5. Always take leftovers home from restaurants

6. "Becoming a mother was great, becoming a grandmother was thrilling but it wasn't until I became a great-grandmother that I understood what pure joy was"-Mama May after Jordan was born 1993

7. If you forget to bring money to Passover you may have to promise a child a
pony to finish the sedar

8. Forget about inheritance, enjoy your money with your kids, take annual family vacations to tropical destinations.

9. Tell and retell stories about your childhood so that your kids and grandkids can pass on an oral family history to their kids and grandkids

10. Laugh, laugh often and enjoy life

Thank you Mommy, Mama May and Papa Bob for all your support, I couldn't do it without you. I love you.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm a big tease

LolliDoo Eco prefolds are in the works, possibly hand dyed and one of a kind. More information to come...

Gotta love me :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

What we are doing to make LolliDoo as green as possible

Right Now
  • We use new machine motors that consume 63% less energy than traditional clutch-motors
  • Our packaging is made from printer waste and 100% reused
  • LolliDoo Diapers are recycled, recyclable and reusable, and all cotton is certified organic
  • Our office paper is recycled and we use both sides and recycle what we don't need to keep
  • Fabric scraps are made into Mama Pads (coming soon)
  • We designed our diapers so that they dry quickly on the line or in the dryer
  • LolliDoo Diapers wash beautifully in cold water
  • All printed materials that we distribute are printed on recycled paper with vegetable based inks
  • Instead of mailing retailers information, we are using email as often as possible
  • LolliDoo Diapers are shipped in recycled cardboard boxes
  • All textile components of LolliDoo® Diapers come from the United States. Buying products made in the USA supports our local economy by providing jobs, which support families and generate domestic spending. Buying domestic also reduces the environmental impact by eliminating energy to ship goods internationally.
  • Certified organic cotton is soft against baby’s skin and is highly absorbent. Certified organic cotton fibers are grown using safe and sustainable practices that respect both the earth and baby‘s health. Fibers are turned into textiles using eco-friendly processing that does not compromise workers’ health and reduces water, electricity and toxic runoff.
  • Recycled fleece is a smooth, supple fleece produced from recycled beverage bottles. Recycled fleece is a low pill fleece that exceeds all industry standards for strength, shrinkage and color fastness. Recycling protects natural resources and saves space in landfills: Recycled fleece enables billions of plastic containers to be recycled each year, instead of them being buried in a landfill.

In the future:

Our main "green" goal is to sustain ourselves on wind and solar power while powering up neighboring low income housing with our surplus wind and solar energy.

Did you know?

The amount of water used to launder cloth diapers at home is about 50 to 70 gallons of water every 2-3 days; this is about the same as a toilet-trained child or adult flushing the toilet five to six times a day.

It is illegal for solid waste to enter our landfills, so even disposable diapering families should put the poo in the potty.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Bissell Little Green Machine ProHeat Turbobrush 1425-1 Canister Vacuum

My husband Chuck decided that we needed to steam clean the upholstery. We looked into renting a steam cleaner and decided that it was more economical to just buy a little one. After hours of research on Chuck's part, he concluded that we needed to get the
Bissell Little Green Machine ProHeat Turbobrush 1425-1 Canister Vacuum.

It was the greenest little steam cleaner that we could find. It is made from 75% post consumer recycled plastic and even packaged in recycled and recyclable cardboard. The cleaning solution is biodegradable, and free of phthalates and other ickies. So far so good.

Chuck is now cleaning the kitchen chairs and I am happy to report that they are cleaner then I've ever seen them. The only downside is that Chuck couldn't figure out how to empty the dirty water and inadvertently wound up spilling it on the floor the first time, while Talia gleefully yelled, "Daddy pooped!"

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Measles to vax or not to vax?

Here is a recent article on a Measles outbreak.

The fatality rate from measles for otherwise healthy people in developed countries is 3 deaths per thousand cases, according to the Vaccination News. What they don't tell us is if these cases were in immune compromised people, the elderly or if they had been vaccinated or not.

Also from the Vaccination News:

Clients (and those who have contacted us) have reported to us a number of problems with the vaccine. To date we are aware of more than 800 instances of side effects following the MMR and MR vaccines. The figures in [square brackets] give the numbers reported in respect of side effects so far Note that some children will have more than one adverse reaction. The side effects include:

Symptoms [number]

Autism [926]

Bowel problems [309]

Epilepsy [199]

Other forms of brain damage (including meningitis, cerebral palsy, encephalopathy, encephalitis etc.) [107]

Behaviour and learning problems [175]

Arthritis and arthralgia (including crippling juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) [81]

Deafness in one or both ears [49]

Diabetes [29]

Behavioural and learning problems (in older children) [110]

Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) and chronic fatigue [41]

Guillain‑Barré syndrome [9]

Idiopathic thrombo­cytopaenic purpura (and other purpuras) [6]

Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis (SSPE) [3]

Wegener's Granulamatosis [2]

Leukaemia [1]

Multiple sclerosis [3]

Deaths [22]

My pediatrician refuses to administer the MMR and will have parents not only go elsewhere to get it but she has them sign a waiver saying that she advised against it. I personally review the Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization websites weekly to keep abreast of contagious diseases, their symptoms and mortality rates. Then my husband and I discuss what we feel the safest choice is for our family.

It is *my* belief that kids without compromised immune systems can weather the Measles, gaining a natural immunity, much more safely then the MMR. Whatever parents decide to do about vaccinating their kids or not, I hope it's a well researched informed decision, not based on their doctor's orders.

***Disclaimer. I am obviously not a doctor and this is my opinion only

Below is a comprehensive list of research, studies and experts on the subject. Please make informed decisions.

Immunisation against infectious diseases (the green book)
1996 edition

the MacMillan Guide to Family Health 1982
The Theory and Practice of Public Health Edited W Hobson. 5th Edition. Oxford University Press 1979.

Immunisation Awareness Society Incorporated. PO Box 56048, Dominion Road, Auckland, New Zealand. (ISSN 1170-7208). Vol. 4 No 3. Page 7.

Live measles vaccine: a 21 year follow up.

The British Medical Journal.
1987 Jul. 4. 295(6589). pp 22‑24.

Immunizations and brain damage.
Iannetti‑P; Spalice‑A; Terenzi‑S; Raucci‑U; Parisi‑P. PEDIATR‑OGGI‑MED‑CHIR. 14/3‑4 (31‑36) 1994

Justice Awareness Basic Support; a support group to help families with vaccine damaged children.

Complications of Rubella vaccination. From: "Rubella in Pregnancy" by Nick Sidle MB BS BSc. Pages 63-65.

Chronic rubella vaccine‑associated arthropathy.
Mitchell‑LA; Tingle‑AJ; Shukin‑R; Sangeorzan‑JA; McCune‑J; Braun‑DK. ARCH‑INTERN‑MED. 153/19 (2268‑2274) 1993

The Complete Family Health Guide.

The Biology of Autistic Syndromes; Christopher Gillberg and Mary Coleman; Mac Keith Press; 2nd Edition (ISBN (UK) 0 901260 92 4) Page: 57.

Autistic Spectrum Disorders an aid to diagnosis
by Lorna Wing MD FRCPsych. 1995. P7. Available from the National Autistic Society. (Our under lining)

Children with Autism
by Colwyn Trevarthen and others. Publisher Jessica Kingsley (1996)
AUTISM THE FACTS by Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen and Dr. Patrick Bolton. Oxford Medical Publications 1993: Page 27.

The Biology of Autistic Syndromes
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Vaccine-Induced Autoimmunity.
Arnon Dov Cohen and Yehuda Shoenfeld; Journal of Autoimmunity: (1996)9, 699-703

Dysregulated Immune System in Children with Autism: Beneficial Effects of Intravenous

Immune Globulin on Autistic Characteristics
by Sudhir Gupta et all. Journal of Autism and Development Disorders Vol 26 No 4. 1996

Commons Health Committee: Second Report. The Specific Health Needs of Children and Young People;
Volume 1; 10 February 1997;

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Re-Usable Food Industry Products-A Call To Action

I am of the opinion that it overwhelm es some people to "go green", especially restaurant owners. Lately my eyes have been wide open to the needless waste that we as a country are seemingly addicted to. Just the other day I was at my favorite wing restaurant ordering a family pack when I looked around. Diners were eating on Styrofoam plates with plastic utensils, all thrown away after being used. Really? I don't have the statistical information but it seems to me that the cost of constantly buying single use items would be greater then investing in something that is reusable.

I suggest that ALL restaurants try to do the following:



Change light bulbs to energy saving light bulbs

Nix the Styrofoam

An example of an Eco-Friendly restaurant is Sam's Chowder House in Half Moon Bay, CA.

Sam’s is committed to the environment and ecological systems from where our food is sourced and grown – and we’re working hard to meet today’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Rooftop Solar Electricity
-their newest addition is a solar electric system, which covers our rooftop. It adds about 13.8 mega watt hours of electricity annually for the restaurant, saving lots of energy!

Biodegradable Packaging
For to-go items, we use 100% biodegradable and compostable boxes made from sugarcane. After the sugarcane stems are crushed and the juice is removed, the dry fibrous material leftover is called bagasse – and that’s used to create the durable, disposable to-go boxes.

Oil Recycling

We recycle all of our rice-based, trans fat-free vegetable oil from our fryers. Given that we are an East Coast-style seafood house with many fried seafood items on the menu, this represents about 300 gallons a week. The oil is picked up weekly by Dave Eck of Half Moon Bay Auto Repair. He filters and heats the oil, to produce “diesel” fuel for up to 10 of his vehicles.

Eco-Friendly Lighting

We have replaced all of our incandescent lights with fluorescent, which are known to outlast up to 13 incandescent bulbs, consuming far less energy.

Sustainable Seafood Practices

At Sam’s, we choose seafood to eat or sell that is caught or farmed in an environmentally sensitive manner, which protects the long-term health of individual fisheries and our ocean ecosystems as a whole.

Whenever possible and practical, we source fish using the Seafood Watch recommendations published by the Monterey Bay Aquarium (

The good news is that seafood that is harvested or raised more carefully often has superior taste, freshness, and purity. And better managed fish farming operations use few if any antibiotics and other chemicals.

rooftop solar panels on Sam's Chowder House in Half Moon Bay Rooftop Solar Panels at Sam's Chowder House harbor view towards Sam's Chowder House in Half Moon Bay sunset with boats

I'm sure that there are some restaurants in your city striving to be better, waste less and recycle. Let's support these businesses, even if it costs a little more to the consumer I'd be happy to pay now then pay the price in the long run for our excessive lifestyles.