Friday, June 5, 2009

Do you have people who believe in you?

I do and I am so grateful and blessed. My mother and my grandparents not only believe in me but they support and stand behind me.

My grandparents are children of the depression. When they first got married, my grandfather was in the Army and they were so poor that their kitchen table was an ironing board. My grandfather worked really hard and after his Army career became an entrepreneur. Eventually he had a successful manufacturer's representative business selling automotive parts; which he made a family business with my father- his son-in-law, and my Uncle Denny.

My mother and my grandparents believe in me, they really do. I am so lucky to have people who I can depend on to catch me if I start to fall. They have been my cheering section, my support and my sounding board every step of the way on my life journey.

Now that I have LolliDoo Diapers, they are so supportive of me. My grandmother calls me in tears telling me how proud she is. They celebrate my accomplishments as if they are their own. No matter what I've done; and in my life I've pulled some doozies, they love me unconditionally, they don't judge me and they keep pulling for me.

This is my Mama May and Papa Bob on one of their first dates

Here we are now:
Talia in my arms, My mom, Rylee, Jordan, my brother Jon

Mama May holding Zoe, Papa Bob


1. Family comes first

2. Always look for bargains, never pay full price

3. Put away money for your children and grandchildren, always take care of your kids first

4. Sing, dance and be joyful

5. Always take leftovers home from restaurants

6. "Becoming a mother was great, becoming a grandmother was thrilling but it wasn't until I became a great-grandmother that I understood what pure joy was"-Mama May after Jordan was born 1993

7. If you forget to bring money to Passover you may have to promise a child a
pony to finish the sedar

8. Forget about inheritance, enjoy your money with your kids, take annual family vacations to tropical destinations.

9. Tell and retell stories about your childhood so that your kids and grandkids can pass on an oral family history to their kids and grandkids

10. Laugh, laugh often and enjoy life

Thank you Mommy, Mama May and Papa Bob for all your support, I couldn't do it without you. I love you.

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Guinea Pig said...

Add one more to the list. I believe in you and I'm so very proud of your business. I can't wait until you are so famous and I get to say I knew you way back when.