Saturday, October 3, 2009

Grocery Store Observations

I went shopping today at my local Albertsons. I prefer Trader Joes but it's about 20 minutes away and I had three kids with me. So Albersons it was. They have a little "healthy" section now with organic produce, dairy and snack items.

At the checkout line I look around to see if anyone notices Talia screaming for candy (which she didn't get). As I'm looking around I start to notice what's in other people's carts. I was amazed by the ratio of processed non-food to produce.

I was trying not to be judgmental because my cart was produce-free as well. Now I'm no saint but I really try to feed my kids clean so we have organic produce delivered once a week and we buy all natural antibiotic-free meat from a local guy.

So I'm watching this older lady maybe in her mid to late 60's. Everything she bought was "lite" or fat-free. For example she had fat-free cheese, TV dinners and bread. Lite juice drinks that didn't look like they had juice to me, lite creamer and snack cakes.

I'm watching this lady and I feel so sad about the things she is putting in her body. What a lot of people, including me at times, put in our bodies. We are poisoning ourselves by putting all this non-food "food" into our bodies. People can't understand why they have aches and pains, migraines and cancer. Look at your food people!

Processed, packaged foods have almost completely taken over the diet of Americans. In fact, nearly 90 percent of our household food budget is spent on processed foods, according to industry estimates.-Readers Digest

Artificial sweeteners, artificial coloring, trans fats, refined grains, sodium, high fructose corn syrup!

I've heard the argument that a little bit won't hurt. How much is a little bit?

Please I beg of you, read the nutrition labels, buy as much fresh organic produce, dairy and meat as possible. Learn to cook your favorite snacks so that you can make them healthy. You can easily make potato chips with fresh potatoes and olive oil. Replacing trans fats with good fats could cut your heart attack risk by a whopping 53 percent.

That's worth it to me!

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