Saturday, November 21, 2009

We Were Invited To The Boom Room

Don't worry if you don't know what it is, I didn't either. It's a gifting suite during the Golden Globe Awards. If we attend - we need to bring about 50 diapers that we give away to the stars for free.

This is a good opportunity to get media coverage and I just so happen to be in LA during the time it's occurring and the synergy is hard to ignore. It is in less then two months which doesn't give me much time to pull together an eye catching display.

I do have some concerns though. First of all if I am giving away free diapers I'd much rather give them to disadvantaged families. Secondly, it's not cheap to have your product there - not only are we supplying 50 units but we have to pay for a table and such. Additionally I'm a bit intimated by the whole Hollywood scene. How are they going to take to a big ole hippie chick, (OK actually I'm small but you get the drift), in their midst? Lastly, Happy Heinys bills themselves as the diaper to the stars and I have no desire to take over that market. I don't want to step on any toes especially being such a young company.

On the positive side - LolliDoo(TM) will get excellent exposure and possibly national coverage. Hollywood is going green and the media even coined the term "Hollywood Eco-Babies". I believe so strongly that LolliDoo(TM) Diapers are the best choice for families, the environment and our American economy that passing up the chance to get the word out on a large scale seems irresponsible. I am really proud of LolliDoo(TM) and the opportunity to talk to people about it, letting them feel the soft the recycled fleece , giving them our back story - is imperative to our success.

Just look at all this press going on for the Boom Boom Room:

I am leaning towards going - although it doesn't align with all my values I don't feel like it compromises my integrity either and a direct result can be reaching millions of people which will put me in a position where I can help disadvantaged families, hire a larger workforce and keep our babies healthy all at the same time.


Mom's Place said...

I Love LolliDoo!!! Can't wait to get my hands on some new ones!

iron-hold said...

Read my blog. stories. its inspiring.. enjoy reading. ill update it every day. this is my first time making blogs..

Jen said...

What an awesome opportunity! Still, I completely understand your reservations - I know the politics, etc. involved in PR, but it's never made moral sense to me that the privileged get so many perks for free. As for stepping on toes, what good is capitalism if all the competition stands back?

The synergy IS hard to ignore, all the way around. It seems to me that all the stars are aligned (forgive the pun) when it comes to anything you and Mel put your minds to. As for what the stars might think of a "hippie chick" in their midst - they'll love you. I'm sure of it. And if they don't, who really cares?

Anyway, RAH RAH! There's my cheerleading for the day.

Pink Koala said...

Earty Momma, I received an invite too. Was your invite a phone call or email or what. My company is in it's infancy and I'm a liitle thrown by the invite.

Thanks, Katrina