Monday, September 20, 2010

Q & A From LolliDoo Consumers


I saw your ad in Mothering and was intrigued by the overnight diaper, but could not find the info I needed on your website. I would like to know what exactly makes it good for a heavy wetter. Our current system is NOT working, so I am eager to try something new!
Thank you!!!


Our Overnight eco-pocket diapers are made with 300 weight polar fleece, which is phenomenal for keeping moisture in. When paired with our Organic Absorbency Innies™ (which you can pile up to meet the absorbency needs of your baby)it makes for a very successful nighttime diaper.



Would the Overnight eco-pocket™ diaper also work with inserts from other diapers (such as the FuzziBunz inserts I already have)? That could save me a little money.


Our eco-pockets™ are designed to fit with most pocket inserts. We do recommend LolliDoo™ Organic Absorbency Innies™ and cannot guarantee that other brands will work as well with our configuration.


Dear Alison and Melissa,
I loved reading your entire website! I have a 'heavy wetting' 6 month old who is basically sleeping through the night but wakes because of a wet diaper. So, your ad in mothering mag caught my eye. I did just stock up on fuzzi bunz...which I love, other than the fact they don\'t seem to breathe well and we are in a warm climate north of san francisco. I thought I\'d look into getting a few pairs of your overnight covers as a solution. Anyhow - I read your site and was so inspired by both of you and your way of life. We (my husband, sone Drake and I) are trying to live as eco-smart as possible and do all we can to minimize our impact on mother earth. We quit our jobs in SF, moved north to Chico where we could afford to stay at home (me working part time from home and husband full time watching Drake) and be with our son 100% of the time. I take \"Drake breaks\" throughout the day to Breastfeed. We enjoy the bounty of all the farmland around us and eat fresh every day, and puree all of Drake\'s food. We feel very fortunate. Anyhow - just wanted to say hello and I wish you much success with LolliDoo! I will be sure to bookmart your site and share it with all my new-mama friends!
warm regards,

I'm interested in this diaper for my 4 month old, tummy sleeping, heavy wetting son. He still nurses 2-3 times per night - is this a diaper that would be able to keep him dry without changing throughout the course of a 12 hour night, or is changing necessary when nursing that often in t

Thank you for your interest in LolliDoo™ Diapers. In most cases our Overnight eco-pockets™ will keep a nursing baby dry all night. You shouldn’t have to change your little guy during the night but you may have to play a bit with different amounts of absorbency.

Follow up:
Just wanted to write a quick note to let you know that I got my LolliDoo™ overnight yesterday, washed it 4 times like you suggested and put it on my son for the night - it was great! I know you guys are aware of how great your diaper is, but I also figure it can never hurt to hear one more compliment :)'s the first time he's ever stayed dry in one diaper, while nursing all night long! hopefully, I can start eliminating some of the things I stuffed it with last night (now that I know the diaper works so well), so that it doesn't look like he's wearing a bowling ball around his backside :) it's sooooo nice to know that, now, I'll be able to just go to him in the night and quickly nurse him (instead of changing and nursing) and we can all go back to bed just a little sooner!!



Hi Alison,

We washed our Overnight eco-pockets™ twice in hot and dried them in the dryer. So after reading this I decided to change them half-way through the night to check. My son wearing the fleece skin layer seemed fine. My other son wearing the cotton skin layer (who is also a big-time stomach sleeper) was leaking out the front really badly. Do you have any troubleshooting or advice on the cotton skin layer dipes? Would these not be good for a stomach sleeper?. It leaked from the front top up by his belly button. He sleeps with his knees tucked up under him so gravity in general is working against it not leaking from there. I don't really know the nature of the way fleece works but from what I could see it seemed the cotton was saturated and wicking to the fleece possibly. Grateful for you help! I stuffed it with a rumparooz hemp insert (full size insert) and a microfiber doubler. this is what we stuff other pockets we've used for nighttime. Thanks so much for you help


Unfortunately I am unfamiliar with those inserts. Might I suggest that you loosen the leg and tighten the waist? Fleece is VERY stretchy and it can be pulled really tight without leaving red marks or hurting your baby. Also – they really need a good 4 washings to shrink up properly with the cotton so it might be just fine as is after another wash.

Two Follow Up Emails:

Hi Alison,

Success with baby #1! I let out the elastic at the legs a little and got a really tight fit around the waist, and no leaks last night! Yay! I'm going to try with baby #2 tonight (I figured I'd go the "divide and conquer" route).

Thanks so much for all of your help; I really appreciate it.


This morning there were two dry babies. Yay! I'm attaching a photo so you can see how happy they were (you'll have to imagine my delight, too, since I'm not in the photo).

Thanks again for all of your help.




I like the idea of a diaper made with recycled material, but am worried about BPA, phalates, etc from the recycled bottles next to her skin. Can you tell me how these are removed from the material?

Thank you!


That is a fabulous question and believe it or not – it’s the first time I’ve heard it.

If you’ve been following the current toxic plastic avoidance advice, you know that recycling category #1 (PET) has been considered a safer choice. We know it’s BPA-free, so we just use it once and recycle it.

Plastic beverage bottles sold in the United States are made from a type of plastic known as polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Although polyethylene terephthalate (the plastic) and phthalate (the additive) may have similar names, the substances are chemically dissimilar. PET is not considered an orthophthalate, nor does PET require the use of phthalates or other softening additives. (Enneking 2006)

GOOD: Not known to leach any chemicals that are suspected of causing cancer or disrupting hormones



So! One more washing for both dipes. Loosened the legs and tightened the waist and 10hrs no leaks! Changed my other son around 8+ hours in the fleece skin lolli and dry! Awesome! :) Thanks for your troubleshooting help.

Monday, September 13, 2010

LolliDoo one-size diapers - will they fit your baby?

I have been approached by parents concerned that their child is too big for LolliDoo one-size diapers. While I am the first to admit that one size fits most - not all - I can assure you that most is true.

This gorgeous girl wears a size 6 disposable diaper and they are snug on her. She is wearing a LolliDoo Classic eco-pocket with two Organic Absorbency Innies. She has a row of snaps at either end of the waist - plenty of room to grow.

Sweet Gabe is brand new in this photo. Again - not a little guy - but you can see how well he fits into his LolliDoo Overnight eco-pocket.

Oh Ike - how we love you so! Here he is during the day with a LolliDoo Overnight eco-pocket - guess dad wanted to be triple sure that his shoulders didn't get wet.

Here is Ike all grown up with his friend Zeah. Ike and Zeah are wearing LolliDoo Classic eco-pockets. You can see that there is a significant size difference between the two little ones - yet they are wearing the same diaper.

We LOVE your photos. If you'd like to see your baby featured on - just email with your favorite LolliDoophoto.