Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Some Funnies From My Littles

Zoe age 6
Zoe told me that she wanted Aqua Sand for her birthday. I reminded her that she just had a birthday in May. She said, "that's not fair! Why do I always have to use the same date for my birthday?

“Mom, not letting me draw on my body is crushing my creative soul.”

“Mom, I got a comb stuck on the top of my head”-I’m driving Zoe, I’ll get it out when I get home. “OK mom, I’ll just be a helicopter then”

I'm driving kids to school and there is a police car behind me. Zoe yells, "step on it mom, we have to lose the Po-Po".

Talia age 4 
"Mom pretend I have a penis but I'm still a girl"

My husband Chuck was cleaning a DVD for Talia. She told him to wipe it on her shirt. Chuck explained that he needed a special cloth to clean it properly. Talia said, "why is everything special with you?" He told her that she was special. Talia replied, "I'm not special, I'm Jewish!"

Dinnertime at the Manes house... Talia, "can I tell you a story?" Sure I replied. "Ok. Once upon a time there was a girl named Kiki. Kiki stuck her head in the toiled and ate a poop. Her hair got wet. The end."  
Talia recently told me that before she was born she went to heaven and asked God if Alison Manes could be her mommy. Sigh. 
Talia wearing her goggles as a headband while at a restaurant

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I LOVE LolliDuos™

My Work Wife Melissa has created the greatest diaper ever! The all new LolliDuo™ is fantastic for several reasons; here are my five favorites:

  • The LolliDuo™ is a truly versatile one-size cloth diaper. You can use is as a diaper cover, a pocket diaper OR you can use it as a diaper cover but stuff it for extra absorbency. 
  • LolliDuos™ are trim enough for daytime use but thirsty enough for overnight.
  • The entire diaper saves at least six water bottles from going to the landfill. This is because the high quality performance fleece, that we are now known for,  is  made from recycled bottles.
  • We have several super cute color combinations.
  • You can choose snap or hook and loop closure.

Want to see more? Click here.

I had the pleasure of hanging out with Miss Ellie in a LolliDuo™ - she was around 9lbs in these photos and as you can see, they fit her really well.

Don't believe me? Read what other folks are saying.

I honestly believe that Melissa deserves a HUGE Hooray for her genius in designing all LolliDoo® diapers. Well done Melissa, well done!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mr. Mom for Three Days

I needed a break - badly. I had been going non-stop for almost two years. Working from home full time, taking care of six kids, taxi driving and housekeeping; most of you know the drill.

I treated myself to three whole days of Me Time in LA with my best friend Alana.

It was heavenly.

Back on the home front my wonderful husband Chuck was holding down the fort. I made him a detailed list of kid needs along with a calendar with schedules. I had him prepared right down to the time that he had to leave the house.

I left a list of banned school foods so that he didn't pack contraband sugar, meat, eggs or nuts. I reminded him that he needed to send cold water bottles with all the kids and at least two snacks each in addition to lunch.

I didn't think that it was that much.

I got a call Monday night that went something like this...

Chuck, "I don't understand how you keep up with all of this! How do you get anything done when you are constantly driving or catering to kids? When do you work?!?"

*Insert me smiling smugly*

"I need you to text me a list of things to pack the kids for lunch, I don't understand why they can't have peanut butter! (There is a child with a deadly nut allergy at school, I've told him this at least a dozen times)  Do they have to go to Hebrew school? Can we skip gymnastics? Do I have to take them all to the grocery store?" Chuck, sounding really stressed out. "I couldn't get the Littles to sleep so I put them in our bed and Tali kicked me all night while Zoe snored like a man."

At this point I am feeling extremely validated. I assure him that they can skip gymnastics this once but not Hebrew school. I also inform him that the kids know how to behave in the grocery store. I remind him where the coupons are and wish him luck.

He did well but he didn't use any coupons but whatever. The kids were safe and happy and the house was relatively clean. Most importantly; Chuck had a little glimpse into my wonderful chaos and I don't think he be taking me for granted anytime soon.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Road Signs and Sightings from AZ to AR

Chuck, the Littles, Middles and I drove from Tucson to Springdale, AR and back this summer. We saw a few interesting things on the way... enjoy, I sure did.

Just starting out

I saw this sign and thought that it was a joke. Chuck had to explain that it was actually two town; Truth or Consequences and Elephant Butte.

This was my FAVORITE - we saw it right in Springdale as we drove in. The locals didn't understand why we had to stop and take a photo.

Littles and Middles happily road-tripping

Self-portrait when I was bored

I don't even know - this was in an abandoned lot somewhere in New Mexico


Uncle Sam holding a chili pepper in Hatch, NM

That is one big bottle of booze!
Random figurines in Hatch, NM
On a closer look - I think that is Colonel Sanders with a Chili wreath

The world's largest cross - I think that this was in Texas somewhere