Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Insights From Cassie Lopez

How could you succeed in your life without the full knowledge of what is going on?

I had the honor of receiving a palm reading from Cassie Lopez. Without me providing insight into my life; Cassie read and explained the various lines on my hand extremely accurately. She was able to identify places in my life that needed work as well as keys to my success. Not only was my reading with Cassie insightful but it helped me to get "unstuck".

If you have questions, if you feel "stuck", or even if you are just curious - I recommend that you ask Cassie to guide you through.

Cassie's goal is to travel the world giving lectures, motivational workshops, coaching businesses, training yoga teachers and also to write and perform original music that inspires and opens love in the world.She also offers phone readings for people in other areas. She wants to keep teaching her Transformational Tarot Workshop and has worked up some really good information and approach to teaching it.

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Cassie Lopez

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