Saturday, October 17, 2009

Conversations with Zoe age 4

My daughter Zoe had an uncanny way at looking at life. Here are some recent conversations:

While we were driving in the van Zoe shouts, "Mom look! It's a bury garden!"
"What's a bury garden?" I ask.

"Well Mother,(I don't know why she calls me Mother), A bury garden is a place where dead people go to bury themselves and then they turn into dirt and people plant flowers over them."
Can you guess what a bury garden is? A cemetery

Zoe has been insisting for quite awhile now that she needs a cell phone. She asks me for one at least once a day. Today I told her that she could get a phone when she was older. "But Mother - I am a 4 year old teenager!"

I was driving with Zoe in the van and we were having a conversation about where we were going. I told her we were going to the corner of Broadway and Campbell. She asked me if that was the name of the place and I said, "No those are the cross streets to where we are going." Zoe thought about it for a minute and said, "Mama May (my grandmother) lives on Tigers Street." The last time we visited my grandmother was in January and for the record she lives on Lyons - which none of my older children could name.

Zoe asked me to escort her to the bathroom because she's scared of skeletons, ghosteses and lobsters

Zoe warming up after a swim in "Lost Vegas"

Teaching yoga to her siblings

Zoe is fascinated with dragons

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Mom's Place said...

Awwww! I love her! She would get along great with Rich! He likes dragons also!