Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Tale of a Nose Piercing

I went to get my nose pierced last Thursday. It's something I've been thinking about doing for months and I was always too chicken to get it done. When my work-wife told me about this place in the Spokane Valley Mall that numbs you before you get it pierced and I was all over it.

So I went to the mall and signed the legal papers and went into the piercing room. The piercer was a super sweet girl and we chatted about our mutual obsession with vampire novels. I turned her on to Laurell K. Hamilton (go read her by the way).

So Valerie numbs me up and started piercing. OUCH! That numbing stuff is overrated and I was unhappily surprised by how much it hurt, I am a natural child birther so you would think that I could handle a little needle, but nope.

It was over fast and I was pleased to have a new stud in my nose. I read all the care instructions and followed them precisely.

This morning I woke up and my nose had absorbed the stud. YUCK! Not only did it hurt to push the stud back through but now it's all gooey and ick.

So this afternoon I am going back to Silver Safari to see what they can do. I'm thinking I just need a longer post. I really don't want a huge Dennis Rodman hoop and the piercing is so high that I'm afraid I will have to get one. I may just say screw it and take it out all together.

Stay tuned for more sagas of my nose...

My 9 year old daughter took this because she said I looked like someone from the 80's, actually I think she meant the 70's but whatever...you can sort of see my nose.


Jen said...

I adore nose piercings! I've procrastinated doing mine for so long I think it's become permanent... plus there's always the question of whether one has a good nose for that or not. (Yours is BEAUTIFUL, by the way - I'm hoping you decide to keep it and your stud learns to stay where it's supposed to.)

I also just HAD to leave the little smart alec-y comment that you can't really compare this to natural childbirth because isn't the whole point of NCB to avoid the needle in the first place? (Go ahead and smack me now.) ;)

Guinea Pig said...

I'm a needle wimp so that's why *I* went natural. Makes all the sense in the world to me.

I like your nose piercing. Hope it works out for you.

How are the ear piercings going? Everyone ok?