Sunday, October 4, 2009

Apple Pie For Sunday Breakfast...

I woke up this morning in a baking kind of mood. The kids were all still asleep and the kitchen was clean, (I can't cook in a dirty kitchen). I had all the fixins for an apple pie so I went for it.

I made the pie as I regularly do with organic ingredients, a tinge of evaporated cane juice and my own mixture of nutmeg and cinnamon. Instead of making a top crust I scoured my pantry to find something resembling breakfast

The result - oatmeal.

I mixed oatmeal with organic brown sugar and butter and spread it on top. I reasoned that people put brown sugar and butter in their oatmeal all the time and although my kids don't eat sugary breakfasts - lots of people do and this one time won't hurt them.

Doesn't that look wholesome :)

For what it's worth I ALWAYS use Granny Smith apples - they are so flavorful that you really don't need a sweetener.

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Mom's Place said...

Looks so yummy Ali! Do you have a set recipe for it? Oh!!! I gave you an award on my blog ;)