Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Made Here, Baby!

I had the opportunity to speak with Bruce Wolk, the author of Made Here, Baby!-an extensive compilation of American manufacturers of children's products. Bruce interviewed over 400 American manufacturers in order to provide the public with this amazing resource.

As you probably know, a lot of the products in our households are foreign made. Buying foreign products directly impacts our economy, puts our children at risk for lead and phthalate poisoning and supports unfair working environments.

Made Here, Baby! guides you to safe, quality, American-made products for new moms, preemies, infants, toddlers, preschool, school age and beyond, including toys, games, puzzles, diaper bags, carriers, car seats, baby products, clothing, shoes, bedding, furniture, sporting goods, and much, much more.

For what it's worth, the reason that all textile components of LolliDoo® Diapers come from the United Statesis that buying products made in the USA supports our local economy by providing jobs which support families and generate domestic spending. Buying domestic also reduces the environmental impact by saving energy required to ship goods internationally.

Support your country, protect your children and educate yourself about the products you buy by checking out his website and ordering your copy of Made Here, Baby! today.

Friday, March 27, 2009

LolliDoo® Diaper Photo Extravaganza

Here is a LolliDoo® one-size-fits-all Overnight Pocket Diaper. Folks, these overnights are going to ROCK YOUR SOCKS!

LolliDoo® one-size-fits-all Diaper Covers are made from recycled fleece that
keeps baby dry.

LolliDoo® one-size-fits-all Fitted Diapers are made from a certified organic cotton knit terry that is super soft on baby’s skin.

A newborn wearing a LolliDoo® one-size-fits-all Fitted Diaper and Diaper Cover.

This tush is covered in a Classic LolliDoo® one-size-fits-all Pocket.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pictures from my trip to Washington aka LolliDoo world Headquarters

David our "Seamster" sewing away

Chuck and I along with 4 out of 6 of our kids invaded Carl and Melissa's house.

Ashton cleaning the kitchen

Carl teaching Zoe and Skylar how to make biscuits

Me and Chuck

Rylee made pipe cleaner glasses

Melissa and Carl

Talia hugging Melody rather tightly

Chuck making cheesecake and Carl is teaching Rylee how to make ginger snaps, YUM!

Zoe and I braiding Melissa's hair

Friday, March 20, 2009

Melissa and Ali at LolliDoo World Headquarters

Here is a picture of Melissa and I in front of our shop. I am looking for a summer rental somewhere near Newman Lake, WA if anyone has any ideas :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Taking Most of the Crew to Washington

Chuck and I along with 4 out of 6 kids are heading to Washington State this Wednesday. It's amazing how unprepared we are for the weather. We take the nice weather here in Arizona for granted. We don't own say snowboots, I don't even have closed toed shoes. Our winter coats are sweatshirts and hats...who needs hats?

So I am headed to Savers, a thrift store in town, to try and get some gear. I can't in good conscience go out and buy brand new snow gear that will only be used once or twice a year.

Savers is my favorite thrift store, not only are we re-using something instead of buying new, but their profits go to charity. It's a win-win situation. Last time I shopped there for a dress, I got a brand new dress with the original tags on it. The original price was $144 and I got it for $2.50. LOVE SAVERS!

Here is a link to the entire album: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/album.php?aid=2009111&id=1591010718

Friday, March 6, 2009

Resuable Grocery Bags Online

I've been using reusable grocery bags for some time now and it always astounds me when I am in the checkout and people have their groceries packed in gobs of those thin plastic bags. Data released by the EPA says that somewhere between 500 billion and a trillion plastic bags are consumed each year and less then 1% of those are recycled.

Check this out:

* To make a plastic bag takes non renewable resources such as petroleum and natural gas. Not only does this have a big environmental impact, but it also increases our reliance on foreign suppliers.
* The energy used in the manufacturing on plastic bags contributes to global warming and releases toxic chemicals into the environment.
* Hundreds of thousands of animals and marine life each year are affected - they suffer a painful and slow death when they accidentally ingest or become tangled in plastic bags .
* Plastic bags can contaminate the food chain. Toxic chemicals from plastic bags may leach into foods, the sea and the environment which then in turn contaminates the food that we eat.
* Estimates say that over one billion plastic bags are handed out per day. You can make a difference. Easily. Get a reusable grocery bag and say no to plastic!
* Plastic bags go to landfill sites. What you have used for maybe 30 minutes will be with the earth for over 1000 years.
---From http://www.squidoo.com/reusablegrocerybag


It is so easy to bring your own bags to the store. The website http://www.bagsontherun.com/ sells reusable and recycled bags for about $1.20 each. You can pick out different colors and even have them custom printed.

I believe that plastic bags should be banned. I bring my bags to every store that I frequent from the grocery to a little baby boutique, it's really easy folks. Keep the bags in your trunk and you'll never be without them. It's a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint, so in the words of Nike, "Just Do It!"

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Papa Bob

This past weekend I took my kids to Florida to visit my grandparents. My grandfather, Papa Bob, will be 91 in April and his health isn't so good. He has heart trouble and now needs a walker to get around. It's hard to watch him slow down, because just 10 years ago we were boogie boarding in the Bahamas.

Papa Bob's mind is still sharp and it must be hard for him to be in a body that isn't. He doesn't complain though, nope. Every morning he slowly walked into the kitchen for breakfast happily singing, Good Morning To You... or some other good morning song that may or may not have been made up.

Here he is with Talia greeting him with a big hug.