Friday, October 29, 2010

A Hearty Congratulations

My partner, work-wife and LolliDoo™ co-founder; Melissa Morgan has passed her IBCLC exam and is now official! This is a journey she started years ago that has finally come to fruition. Go Mel!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sister Wives

Recently I started watching a documentary/reality show on TLC called Sister Wives. It's about a polygamist family with one husband and three wives, thirteen kids and a fiance.

A fan of the HBO fictional series, Big Love, I was intrigued to see what an actual polygamist marriage looked like. Obviously I was the only one because I believe the show was a hit.

I was expecting women with long hair, long skirts and subservient demeanors. In actuality two out of four women had long hair and I doubt it was "to wash their husbands feet with when they got to heaven" as some polygamist women assert. All of the wives wore "normal" clothes and seemed to have relatively modern lifestyles with one big exception - they share a husband.

I can relate and even imagine myself having sister wives - well sort of. The idea of women living together, supporting each other and raising kids with the same values is very appealing. The idea of sharing a husband is not. The whole concept of "it takes a village" resonates with me and at times watching the show I was envious of that sisterly bond. That is until one egocentric, selfish man entered the picture.

Yes folks I am referring to Kody - the husband.

Kody attempts to portray himself and the world's greatest dad and loving husband. He claims to be attentive to all his wives needs. However - he drives a two-seater car, he tells wife #1 who is struggling with jealously about his new young fiance that he couldn't imagine her with multiple husbands because it's so vile a thought and his wives are already alternating nights with him - he decided to woo a woman who lives 5 hours away; costing his family even more time. I am not a fan.

This is a direct quote from TLC.

For sixteen years, the Sister Wives have established their own role within the group and worked together to maintain a cohesive, loving unit. Bringing on a fourth wife could easily disrupt the balance, changing lives forever. The series chronicles the growing pains as Robyn and her kids assimilate into the family and the sister wives work through the insecurities and uncertainties that are inevitable to their chosen way of life.

I say - ditch the husband and you'd have a perfect family.

Christine (wife #3), Robyn (fiance), Kody, Janelle (wife #2) and Meri (wife #1)