Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Checking In


I haven't been blogging lately - mostly because when I've been inspired to be creative, I've been painting. You can see some of my work on my new website: alisonmanes.com

I am not a web designer so please be patient with me as I muddle through creating website.

Also - today is my grandfather's 94th birthday and next week my grandmother will be 91. I am feeling so blessed and grateful to have them both still in my life. This is a video of them singing to eachother in 2010:

I am still very much grieving my brother and while I can now function like a human being - I am not feeling motivated to do much. Thank you for all the kind thoughts and prayers; I know that I will snap out of it at some point, just not now.


I just finished a Spring Catalog for LolliDoo® and LadyDoo® Rags - take a peek if you are so inclined: GGSI Spring

Also - soon we will be offering embroidered Flair for LollliDuos™... stay tuned for that announcement.

That is about all that's new in the Manes house. Thank you for staying with me through this trying time.