Monday, September 21, 2009

I hang out with my ex husband and his wife

People look at me kind of funny when I mention that I am having dinner with John - my former spouse, (he prefers former spouse to ex husband), and his wife Meghan. I hear things like, "Wow, how can you do that?" and "Why would you want to hang out with your ex and his spouse?"

The truth is that I like them. John and I have known each other since I was 12 - we got married when I was 19 and divorced when I was 21. Frankly I think it was a classic case of getting married too young. We didn't have any "huge" issues, it was more like time to move on.

We do have a daughter Jordan who turned 16 on Thursday. This is another big reason that we hang out. Parents who communicate and show a united front - in my opinion - raise healthier kids. At least that's the objective.

I'm sure that John gets irritated with my logical and natural consequences approach to parenting because he's more of a keep em home and safe kind of guy. We are very different in our parenting and life philosophies and sometimes it's stressful but I am proud to say that we talk it out like adults and come to a resolution.

John and Meghan feel like family, not the ex-husband type but more like a cousin. We have been divorced for over 14 years and frankly I can't imagine ever being married to him. However, I really enjoy our time together, I laugh and have interesting conversations. John and I are both originally from a suburb of Cleveland and it's also nice to have someone from home around.

John and Meghan have a little girl who is just a doll and my Littles love to play with her. She adores Jordan and I try to have her over as often as she wants to come.

I am a firm believe in "it takes a village" especially with Jordan. It's not always smooth, it's not always fun but it sure helps to have other parents to rely on when things get tough. When something great happens, like Jordan skipping sophomore year, it's also wonderful to have someone to gush with.

Jordan's birthday dinner 9-19-09

Top Row:

Talia, Me, Chuck, My dad aka Poppy holding Zoe, John, Meghan holding Caroline, Marty (my mom's main squeeze)

Bottom Row:

Jordan, Rylee, My brother aka Uncle Jonny, My mom aka Ginger


Meghan said...

I agree :) There is no reason for all of us to not get along and it's way better for Jordan (though she probably wouldn't agree LOL)

Guinea Pig said...

Ali and Meghan--you ladies rock! You renew my faith in humanity.

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