Monday, October 17, 2011

Buy Local - A Call To Action

Why Companies Manufacture Overseas
Companies have nearly $500 billion stashed abroad that can be taxed here at home. There are several reasons why companies choose to manufacture overseas;  I am sure that the financial benefits take precedence. To read what I have to say about the cost of manufacturing overseas click here.

My work wife, Melissa, and I chose to keep our products made locally for several reason. If you have interest; here is the back story. 

What YOU can do
>Contact lawmakers<
If our lawmakers revoke the tax breaks for overseas manufacturing and bring the big companies back to the USA, I believe that our economic future would look brighter. I humble suggest contacting our lawmakers and demanding that they stop giving companies incentives to manufacture overseas.

Here is a link with all the Congressmen and Congresswomen's contact information and here is a link that lists the Senators.

>Buy Made in the USA<
I am no economist but I am fairly certain that if Americans buy products made in the USA and support our mom and pop shops, it would make a difference.
Why Buy Local
Buying products made in the USA supports our local economy by providing jobs, which support families and generate domestic spending. Buying domestic also reduces the environmental impact by eliminating energy to ship goods internationally. Refusing to buy anything made outside of America will be a challenge for sure. While clothing and food are easier to find locally; I could not find any cell phones that are made in the USA nor could I find televisions. I did find this site that lists made in the USA products. *Note to self; get LolliDoo® listed*

Melissa and I manufacture in the USA using domestic components because we strongly feel that WE can make a difference, and SO CAN YOU! Next time you go shopping, instead of hitting Target or WalMart; try checking out a local mom and pop shop.

Read labels; I cannot reiterate this enough. Oftentimes folks believe that they are purchasing something made in the USA because the company is based out of the US when in actuality the goods are manufactured overseas. Additionally your items may be manufactured in the USA but the components are from overseas. It's not easy to find 100% American made goods.

I'm sure that this is a simple answer to a complex problem but I am confident that small changes make a big difference.

Monday, October 10, 2011

My Tye-Dye and Batik Projects

I really, really, really love to create tye-dye and especially batik works of art. I NEVER use batik blocks or other stamps. Everything I made is hand painted freehand. Here's a peek:

Two color batik

Women's skirt that I wound up keeping because I loved it so much

Dolphins - I wish that I had a better picture

Two color batik

Tye Dyed LolliDoo® Fitted Innie™

Another LolliDoo®

Matching outfits

3 color batik

Someone was very specific in what she wanted :)

Two color tye-dye with a little batik

Two color batik

A tiny batik

Multicolor batik scarf

Three color batik scarf