Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Diaper Economics

Without even touching on the obvious environmental and heath threats of disposable diapers: In this lovely recession I don't understand why anyone would waste money on disposable diapers.

Considering that an average pack of disposable diapers costs around $30 for a 40 count package. That fluctuate a bit depending on the size diaper you purchase.

Now just for the sake of arguing lets suppose you bought two dozen of the most expensive LolliDoo(TM) system. That would include Tye-Dye Fitted Innies(TM) paired with Recycled Outties(TM). Tye Dye Innies(TM) retail for $60 each and Recycled Outties(TM) are $28-$30 depending if they are Classic or Overnight.

According to - babies go through an average of 9 diapers a day. We all know that babies should be changed more often then that but for statistical purposes I'll use that figure. I am also going to use 2.5 years as an average time that a baby spends in diapers. This doesn't include "pull-ups" or the likes.

An average family will spend .75 a disposable diaper which costs approximately $6.75 per day. Annually a family will spend somewhere near $2464 and in two and a half years this family will have spent over $6000 on a disposable product.

Now lets go back to the premium LolliDoo(TM) line. Two dozen (approximately two days worth) Tye Dye Fitted Innies(TM) will run you $1440 and lets say that you buy 18 Classic Recycled Outties(TM) and 6 Overnight Recycled Outties totaling $684.

Lets compare the eco-pockets(TM) as well while we are at it, using the same quantities. So 18 Classic eco-pockets(TM) and 6 Overnight eco-pockets(TM) will cost $876.

As LolliDoo(TM) diapers are ALL one-size, there is no need to continually restock AND they can be passed down from child to child.

As you can see from my calculations above, even using the most expensive LolliDoo(TM) system saves the consumer upwards of $4000 in a baby's lifetime.

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