Saturday, August 8, 2009

Obama Apologizes for the Declaration of Independence

Have you heard that President Obama issued a formal apology to Britain for the Declaration of Independence?

How about that the CDC has warned that Swine Flu is wiping out villiages in Asia and will kill 60% of the US population?


I know you've gotten this one in an email:

Please look at this picture of missing 13 year old Ashley Flores, read what her mother says and pass it on.

I've gotten that one at least a dozen times this year.

The truth is folks, is that they are all hoaxes passed on by thousands among thousands of people via email and social networking websites.

Why do people continue sending their friends and families these put-ons? This is an example of a letter that's been going around. It's just plain weird.

Subject: Make A Wish Foundation (fwd)

A plea from a sick little girl

Little Kimberly Anne is dying of a horrible tropical disease. Her goal,
before she passes into the Great Beyond, is to collect as many free America
Online disks as she can, to make the Guiness Book of Records. Her project
is being sponsored by the Wish-Upon-a-Star Foundation, which specializes in
fulfilling the final wishes of such sick little girls.

So, next time you get an unwanted AOL disk in the mail, don't throw it away!
Think of the sparkle it will bring to the eye of a dying child. Write on
the package:

[Address deleted to prevent this hoax from continuing.]

Please copy this message and circulate it to your friends, neighbors, and
co-workers. Only you can child's wish reality! God bless you from the
Wish-Upon-a-Star Foundation!

I don't know who creates these hoaxes and why they are prepetuated but I what I can do is direct you to a tool; has a comprehensive list of what is true and what is false. Please, please go to before passing along any more of those emails.

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