Friday, November 7, 2008

Put Your Money Where Your Green Is

I know in these days of scary economics that people are afraid of investing in new companies. I have to tell you that investing in a green company seems like the safest place for your money right now.

Place your bets. If you're ready to up your game, consider investing in projects that are making the world greener. You could put your money in eco-conscious local projects or in individual stocks. Or, if you're looking for big-league options, think about backing start-ups, young companies -- some analysts predict that such investments will see double-digit rates of return over the next decade. -Any Portfolio in a Storm, How to green your investments 15 Apr 2008

Hey! That fits us.

Just check out these statistics from the Real Diaper Industry Association.

Click on the charts for a larger view and you will see that the growth in the cloth diaper industry alone is astounding. It is my opinion that investing in young green companies is not only going to change how we treat our planet, our bodies and our consumerism; it is going to be a financial windfall in coming years.

So come on people and put your money where your green is!

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