Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Early Birthday Resolutions

I am feeling like I need to make some birthday resolutions and in order to be accountable, I am listing my "green" ones here.

1. I will sign up for paperless billing from every company that offers it.

2. I will ALWAYS remember my canvas bags at the grocery store.

3. Instead of letting the shower run to warm up, I will put a watering can in it to catch the cold water and then water the plants with it.

4. Every time I purchase something that is going to go into our wastewater system, ie. shampoo, dish soap, I will read the labels to make sure there are no phosphates.

5. I will budget in money for double paned windows or the likes in order to conserve energy in my house.

6. I will make an appointment with the electric company for an energy audit.

7. I will make sure that the washing machine is full before I run it, no more 1/2 loads.

8. I will unplug every appliance that I can when not in use.

9. I will make sure that my tires are full so that I don't waste gasoline.

10. I will have Chuck turn down the temperature on our water heater.

Small steps to a greener life...


Jen said...

These are great resolutions (and well-timed reminders for me!) The watering can in the shower - fabulous idea.

Anonymous said...

those are awesome! i could actually do some of those myself- i am SO guilty of letting the water run in the shower until it's warm!