Monday, November 10, 2008

I am so excited to announce that

We now have a one-size-fits-all LolliDoo® Diaper!!!!!

Melissa has been working diligently to create a one size diaper. After over a year of trials and tribulations, SHE DID IT!

The benefits of a one size diaper are many.

~You only have to buy diapers once, instead of new sizes as your baby grows.

~As with sized diapers, you can pass them down from baby to baby.

~They are easy to use

~The savings are astronomical. With disposable diapers you spend an average of $1167/year, $3500/ three years. With our new LolliDoo® One-size-fits-all diaper, the initial investment is approximately $800, which is all you will ever spend!

Stay tuned for more information and pictures. The diapers will hit shelves in January.


Chocolate Daisies said...

That's so awesome!!! I can't wait to have another baby one day : )

Jen said...

WOOOHOOO! This entire post is so chock full of good news - what a great way to start the week!