Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hate aka Prop 8

I wasn't going to blog about this, I wanted to keep this blog as a uncontroversial as possible, but as a human being I just can't keep quiet about it.

I am extremely concerned about equality in this country. How are we as a people able to dictate who can and cannot get married? How is that different from women's rights, equality for black people or even white supremacy? I'm not gay and I don't have a close inner circle of gay friends, but still, this issue hurts my heart.

People are claiming that same sex marriage is against God. Aren't we all God's children and doesn't it say, "Judge not, lest ye be judged"? Who are we to dictate God's law? Does it say anywhere in the bible that God's children are to act as enforcers? I think it's a blatant case of man imposing what he perceives God's will to be. I don't buy it.

How is this different from the Nazi doctrine? Nazism has come to stand for a belief in the superiority of an Aryan race; the F├╝hrer and claimed to defend Germany and the German people (including those of German ethnicity abroad) against Communism and so-called Jewish subversion. Ultimately, the Nazis sought to create a largely homogeneous ethnic state.

As a Jew, this issue is close to my heart.

I so disturbed, so disturbed.

The kick in the dick is that because an obvious majority of the United States believes that marriage is between a man and woman and they insist that there beliefs must be adopted by all, gay and lesbian couples have no rights. They can't get health benefits, if they have children and the birth parent dies then the other parent can loose their own children, they have no rights as a couple. If one is in the hospital dying and the family doesn't want the partner around, then the partner has no voice, no rights to be with his/her beloved.

I am disgusted and I wonder what the people who voted to ban gay marriage would do if they weren't allowed to marry. This is hate, pure and simple, and the fact that it is not only accepted in 2008, but encouraged makes it a hate crime.

Please take a minute to watch this profound commentary by Keith Olbermann.

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