Tuesday, February 9, 2010

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I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you my about my diapering
adventures. You see I've been using disposables for almost 4 years. I have all the excuses that everyone uses from smell, to complication, to wasting water, to it's too difficult for my husband, babysitters, daycare providers etc. For the longest time I let this fear of the unknown rule how I diaper and run my household. Afterall I think it was simply fear of the unknown and my fear of not being able to do it right.

Well I was laid off a few months ago as have most my peers.
While going over my household budget and my dwindling savings account I decided to look into cloth diapers once again. I did the math. I have two children using some form of disposable product every day. I needed to find a way to decrease this expense. You see, my children suffer from horrible rashes. So I figured in the cost of rash creams (I have to use up to three on one child).

The cost per month for me you ask? If I buy with coupons or on a
sale and only count one tube of my creams a month I'm at $100.00/month. If I use the expensive diapers that don't cause as much rashing on my children we're looking at $125.00/month.

So by the end of this year I will spend as much as $1500 on
diapers. This is $1500 I don't have.

So I started researching cloth diapers again, the materials used
in cloth diapers as well as researching where they are made. You see we do our best in this household to buy as much as we can with the "made in the USA" stamp. (You won't find a foreign car in our garage).

I heard about LolliDoo diapers last year some time. Even tried to get on the web site to see about purchasing one but the site was not 100%. This time it was up and operational, apparently the diaper was now on the market.

Mine arrived recently and I was a little confused .. . afterall
could something so cute, soft and cuddly really work. Yes your diapers are as soft as a baby's butt. I looked at other cloth diapers but didn't like the "plastic" feel or the thickness. These are thin and lux!

I washed them once (instructions say to do 2-3 times) and you
really need to follow instructions here. The first time was not 100% successful. There were not leaks but the entire diaper felt "humid" after a couple of hours. A friend reminded me that HE washers use a lot less water than typical washers so I washed them a second time with two additional hot water rinse cycles.

The next time I put them on I'm happy to say with only two
cotton washclothes as inserts (my Innies have not arrived) we lasted 9 hours and a big poop with no leaks!

And almost as good - only one day of cloth diapers and my
daughter's diaper rash is almost gone. And I have no cream on her.

So that's my story . . . if after all these years of disposable
diapers I can change to LolliDoos anyone can! As for smell or complications for washing. Well here is something else you may find interesting. The eco-pocket is so dry after use I just toss it in my hamper with my husbands office clothes. He doesn't even notice. The "inserts" I've been using, well I toss those in the bathtub. Seriously I'm having a difficult time telling if my daughter has a poopy one because there isn't a bad smell with these diapers. So I guess that's a complication - no bad smells!

I did get a wet-bag recently and although I don't think I really
need it it is handy.

Thank you for time,

Anne from Denver

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