Monday, February 22, 2010

How Much Money Do You Save With LolliDoo(TM)?

I thought it would be helpful to take a look at the most inexpensive disposable diapers and compare them with LolliDoo. Below is a chart of the results. Please note that Pure & Simple is still in production and hasn't been launched yet. Look for it soon :)

As you can see here, LolliDooDiapers SAVE MONEY. Lots of money.

  • Pure & Simple is a diapering kit that provides you with a lifetime supply of diapers saving you over $534 just in the first year and over $1000 in two years.
  • Award winning LolliDoo eco-pockets have a bit of a bigger price tag and still save you close to $200 in the first year and almost $800 in the second year.
  • Our Innies and Outties will save you $260 in the first year and almost $900 by the time your baby is two.
  • A family diapering a baby in disposable diapers from a big box store spends roughly $600 a year. One box of diapers contains 120-180 diapers depending on the size of your baby and each box retails for $49.99.

Do the math folks.

Not only does LolliDoosave you money but it's the greenest and most comfortable diaper available.

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Mom's Place said...

So we have done the math!!! And we have spent less than $200 for our stash (including the newborn diapers I bought pre-loved)! Regin is almost 8 months old! We would have already spent over $400 in diapers!