Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Customer Service is my TOP priority

If you have leaking - EMAIL ME alison@lollidoo.com

If you have size issues - EMAIL ME alison@lollidoo.com

In the past ALL issues have been resolved once I've spoken with the folks who thought they had a leak and/or size issue. Typically the leaks are due to using absorbency layers that don't wick properly. That is why we recommend LolliDoo(TM) Organic Absorbency Innies(TM).

If the diaper doesn't "fit" I can tell with a simple snapshot whether the diaper is sized properly or not. One customer has a child who is over 50lbs and wears a size 6 - this child still fits into the Overnight eco-pockets(TM).

Let me talk you through issues. I'm here to help.


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