Saturday, February 6, 2010

Help us get on the Ellen Show

Thanks to Kim Rosas for organizing this!

Catch it on video!

Phase 2 of #operationfluffy @Lollidoo is to compile a fun video of babies dancing in their fluffies, nappies, cloth diapers, whatever you call them!

Please remember to have the diaper very visible. You can even zoom in on the butt for some time if you want.

Video should be 20 seconds or less. I will have lots of submissions so a short clip is easy to work with and easy for you to send out.

The quality should be good, and lighting should be such that the baby and diaper are visible.

Sound doesn't matter. I will mute the BG noise and have a music soundtrack.

Send videos to using

I'd like to have all videos by wednesday of next week so I can begin the task of editing.

The video will be published to YouTube and sent to Ellen.

Let's see those babies shake what their mama gave them!

Kim Rosas


Rachel said...

I'M sending her a video of Cole in a lolliDoo!

Mom's Place said...

I'll have to get a bit of film tomorrow of Regin in one of his Lolli's!

My earthy momma odyssey said...

<3 keep em coming!

Mom's Place said...

Uploading on send it as I type!