Monday, February 8, 2010

Confessions of a 36 year old Bubbe

I know that I never differentiate my biological kids from my step kids but in this case I have to point out that my stepson made me a Bubbe because I am obviously too young to be a grandmother. That being said, my son has been in my life since he was three and I love him like I love my other kids.

My son became a father on 1-1-10 (great birthdate!) and subsequently threw Chuck and I into grand parenthood. I anticipated struggling with the thought of being someone's Bubbe when my youngest child isn't three yet. I thought that I would worry more and enjoy the baby less. I thought Bubbes were old women with schmatas on their heads who baked all day and chased you around with food.

I was wrong.

I have had to come to term with the fact that even though I have strong values regarding child birth and raising a baby - babies can and will grow up to be happy, healthy and well adjusted people without oh, say, breastmilk.

Not that I am advocating the use of formula - I still think it's the devil. But I know that my grandson is well taken care of - just not the way that I would do it.

I am proud of my son, his mother and I taught him well. He's been around babies all his life and he's a natural with his son. When he found out that his girlfriend was pregnant, one of the first things he told her was, "You are breastfeeding". Of course that didn't happen but he tried.
He even asked me for LolliDoo diapers because he is committed to cloth diapering.
He's been working two jobs and doing has best to take care of his new family. He has a long road ahead of him but I have faith in him.

This is my and my grandson when he was three days old with Talia in the background.


Mom's Place said...

Awwwww!!! Congratulations!!!!!

Brooke said...

Ali, that is a darling picture and I think you have a great perspective on your role as grandmother.