Sunday, August 31, 2008

I need some ideas, HELP!

Melissa and I are going to have a booth at Tucson’s 2nd Annual Green Festival. ( The mission of the festival is to educate, engage, encourage and empower Tucsonans towards sustainable change and to foster local communities and relationships. I am so excited about the festival and what it’s promoting and I am proud that Tucson, a relatively small city, is taking such big steps to preserve our Mother Earth.

Now the hard part.

We are going to show LolliDoo® diapers and educate parents on the chemicals in disposable diapers, the danger to our landfills, the danger to our water supplies as well as water consumption and what happens when the chemicals go into our children's bodies. BUT. What kind of fun activity can we have for the kids ? I don’t want to scare them, nor do I want to guilt the parents, but I do want to raise awareness and accountability.

I would like to possibly set up a demonstration about the EcoSpun® fabric. I was thinking about having some PET bottles and then showing the kids how they are recycled and made into fabric. But how ? I am usually so creative but I’ve drawn a blank. I’d love suggestions. I am not stuck on the EcoSpun® idea but I do somehow want to tie the project in with LolliDoo® . The one thing I know I don’t want to do is have a picture for them to color. I need something fresh. Ideas ?

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Guinea Pig said...

Have them color your logo that is black and white and "empty."

Draw a picture of piles of diapers. Maybe be specific. Put EXACTLY the number of diapers used for one baby in one year. Just a bunch of lumps, you know. Then have them draw a pretty picture of trees and flowers on TOP of the background of diapers to show them replacing the space that would be used with something beautiful.

Bring a doll for them to diaper and un-diaper.

Bring some samples of the materials that are used to make disposables. A bottle of bleach for example. Of course make it empty.

Let them SNUGGLE your diaper to their FACE. That will sell anyone!

Give a display on how to care for the diapers. Show them how to deal with the dirty diaper and show them it is not so terrible. Have a diaper pail there.

Make sure they know there are lots of products that make cloth diapering easy---things to make travel easier, etc.

Tell them that sewer system is built to deal with poop instead of the landfills.

Have a display where you pour water into a disposable and your diaper to show it can hold the pee!

Tell them about forums that can teach them everything they need to know about cloth diapering.