Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I put my kid in chemical clothes

Zoe, my 3 year old, is in love with the Jonas Brothers. Too young for a crush, I agree, but it is what it is. We were at Target today picking up some last minute things for our Vegas trip on Friday. I told Zoe she could pick out some new pajamas. Miss Nudie Booty normally doesn't wear any but it's going to be getting colder soon. This story has a point, stick with me for another minute.

So, Zoe spots Camp Rock pajamas. For anyone who doesn't know, Camp Rock is the latest Disney musical. Of course Zoe wants the Camp Rock Pajamas and after looking at the price tag I said, "Sure honey".

So I get home and Chuck asks me what the pajamas were made of, der, I didn't even think to look; 100% polyester, made in China and flame retardant.

Of course I had to do some research on flame resistant sleepwear. Apparently
nylon or acetate treated with fire retardants top the list of toxic sleepwear according to the National Geographics's Green Guide but Polyester is second.


Then I found this at parents.berkley.edu:
The Environment Working Group has done a comprehensive study of flame retardants and their toxicity including cancer, info of on-going litigation, and pending restricted use policy by US EPA. See their website for full details: www.ewg.org/reports/PFCworld/ Calpirg, or now called Environment California also has good info at: www.environmentcalifornia.org/envirocalif.asp?id2=8875 In summary, US EPA announced that it will be studying a chemical ubiquitous in consumer products, perfluorooctanoic acid, or PFOA to assess the toxicity in people (now found in surprising levels of over 90% of population in the U.S and found to have contaminated wildlife at almost every site tested even thousands of miles from industry due to drift) and develop restrictions.

I wonder if I can hide them, maybe she'll forget about it. Doubtful.

How can I model healthy behavior and habits for my children when I am more concerned with a price tag?


I am not happy with myself.


Jen said...

I have NEVER understood the logic behind dousing kids' pajamas in fire-retardant chemicals. It seems to me the risks posed by letting them sleep with those chemicals next to their skin are much greater than the risk of the house catching fire or the child spontaneously combusting. (OK, that last one was supposed to be a joke...)

Unfortunately it's nearly impossible to find pajamas for kids under the age of three without "flame retardant" somewhere on the label. UGH.

Nonie said...

My MIL just sent me a pair of pajamas for Duncan. She specifically warned me that they were not fire-retardant. Instead, they're covered with whatever chemicals are needed to make the ghost pattern glow in the dark. Yippee. So non-fire-retardant pjs are out there, but they come with other chemicals attached.