Thursday, September 1, 2011

Road Signs and Sightings from AZ to AR

Chuck, the Littles, Middles and I drove from Tucson to Springdale, AR and back this summer. We saw a few interesting things on the way... enjoy, I sure did.

Just starting out

I saw this sign and thought that it was a joke. Chuck had to explain that it was actually two town; Truth or Consequences and Elephant Butte.

This was my FAVORITE - we saw it right in Springdale as we drove in. The locals didn't understand why we had to stop and take a photo.

Littles and Middles happily road-tripping

Self-portrait when I was bored

I don't even know - this was in an abandoned lot somewhere in New Mexico


Uncle Sam holding a chili pepper in Hatch, NM

That is one big bottle of booze!
Random figurines in Hatch, NM
On a closer look - I think that is Colonel Sanders with a Chili wreath

The world's largest cross - I think that this was in Texas somewhere

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Pamela said...

that cross was probably a cell phone tower.

I'm not kidding.