Friday, August 12, 2011

Name That Doo!

Our new All Purpose LolliDoo® cloth diaper needs a name!

*Name our new diapers and win 6 FREE.

Some information:

What we are offering is a combination eco-pocket®/Outtie™. Click here to see it on

It has a myriad of uses; as a diaper cover, a pocket diaper or as a diaper cover that is stuff-able for extra absorbency.

Additional information:
~ Suitable for day and overnight use
~ Trimmer then Overnight eco-pockets
~ Lower price point
~ Made from recycled performance fleece
~ Highly breathable
~ Super absorbent
~ Generous waist dimensions
~ Made in the USA

How to enter:

Just post your name suggestions on (or if you are reading directly from the blog - post a comment).

*Once you enter the contest you are giving GGSI permission to use the name without restriction.

Contest ends 8-31-11


AshleyS said...

Those are soo cute! The best name I can come up for them is.........

"Lolli-Re-Doo's" :)

MommaWhipps said...

Hrmmm i think "Lolli-always-doos" is cute, since they're suitable for over night wear as well!!

crosales5 said...

I think something that rhymes would be super cute like "Lolli Dolli's" . Maybe "The Forever Lolli". Also "Lolli Max".

Brittany Marie said...

My hubby says "Lolli Pocket" :)

Kellie said...

LolliFluff. I love ours, but find that they are quite fluffy. It works great for us for my super-tall, super-skinny boy to keep his pants up ;)
Or FluffyDoos :)

s&v said...

I like AnyDoo. Because They'll do anytime! Vanessa Tschritter

Anonymous said...




Atomic Mom said...


Leasha said...

Lolli All Lolli Doo

leashae_18 at hotmail dot com

Diane said...

Simply...Everything! or Simply...EveryDoo!

RebeccaT said...

The Eco Doo All
or Doo All
or All in Doo (AI2)

ADLW91309 said...

The "Eco-Sustainable" Diaper!

erinb80 said...
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erinb80 said...

How about the Everything Diaper, the Any Way You Want It Diaper, or the Lolli Knows Best.

Bright Mama said...

Catchado-Doo -or- Catcha-doo. I'm not the genius; my husband came up with it.

And the reason for the name is obvious!! :) It'll keep no one guessing the meaning.

Amber said...
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Amber said...

Doo It Again

boyzrule said...

Here are my 3 names:

Alli Lolli

Innie Outtie Lolli

Can Doo

dmoretti1967 at

For The Monster said...

monster doo, since it does a monster of a job being a pocket or a cover!!or uny-doo for universal - doo

gena @forthemonster. com

kaylacoryea said...

how about "tidy cushy for tiny tushy"? =)

kaylacoryea said...
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Sugar Dipes said...

Lolli Multi Doo

sugardipes1 at aol dot com

Mindyjop said...

Super Doo

Leasha said...

Lolli Eco Doo Diaper.
Eco Friendly Doo Doo (hehe)

leashae_18 at hotmail dot com

Rachael said...

The Eco-Everything Diaper
or Upcycled Everything Diaper
or Eco 3IO (3 In One: Pocket, cover, overnight)
bearfootbiologist at gmail dot com

mj said...

"LolliDoo Quick Change".............(1)The diaper quickly becomes something different (cover, pocket, new sizing) in a snap....or in a "hook-loop", lol! (2) And of course......everyone likes a quick change diaper : ) (3) AND.....these diapers are made from recycled materials......that's a "change", too. Hence........the "Quick Change" diaper by LolliDoo : )

Katy said...

How about SuperLolli.

VikingKitty said...

How about the Eco-Odyssey? It's been quite a journey to get to this diaper, so it seems appropriate ;)

catkleven (at) gmail (dot) com

Holly Wilson said...
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Holly Wilson said...
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Holly Wilson said...
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Holly Wilson said...

I like Lolli-Duos because of the dual color choices
hollywilson82 at hotmail dot com

Holly Wilson said...

I also like Lolli Re-doos since they're recycled :)
hollywilson82 at hotmail dot com

crosales5 said...

Another Suggestion is The Alli Doo

Ieasa said...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

There are so many good suggestions. This is going to be such a hard decision! Keep 'em coming!

MrsBrittanyBlankenship said...

Lolli Doo It All!

Deb said...

Lollidoalli! dpleskacz at hotmail dot com

Stepping Stones Ministry said...
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Anonymous said...


Stepping Stones Ministry said...

Cushy Tush

Dee said...

Lovie-Loos (pronounced Love-ee)
Allie-Doos (pronounced AH-Lee)

-or- Lovie-loo Allie-doos!

WhiteLightHealer said...

The "Lollie Doo Whop"
It is a whopper of a diaper! Everything you could want from a cloth dipe: super absorbancy, versatility, and recycled materials for an incredibly earth friendly diaper!

jdshores983 at gmail dot com

Dee said...

Oh and Lolli-Loves

(I call my daughter Lovey-lou and LolliLove!)

crosales5 said...

Another suggestion: One-For-Alli with or w/o hyphens

JesD said...

I Can Do-Doo!

Sami said...


kaylacoryea said...

"Any-Lolli-Way" you want it.

"A-Doo-Able" (like adorable)

or combine them to be "An A-Doo-Able Dipe for Any-Lolli-Way"


April G said...



The Anytime Eco

Erin Smallwood said...

Dooties (combo of Doo and Outties)

milkmunchies said...

The "converta-lolli" so versatile!

Tifferazzi said...

Doo Wraps
Earthy Doos
Eco Wraps
Love Me Doos
Born Agains
UtiliDoos or Utility Doos
Power Doos (for their function)
Triple Doos (for their function)

I'll do some more thinking...

Melissa said...

How about the Doo-zee, because it takes one doozy of a diaper to do all that!

Tifferazzi said...

Doo Wraps
Earthy Doos
Eco Wraps
Love Me Doos
Born Agains
UtiliDoos or Utility Doos
Power Doos (for their function)
Triple Doos (for their function)

c_hill_2009 said...

here we go "loop de Doo"

a play on the kids rhyme her we go loop de loo

llamaofdoom said...

Zana-doo (or Xana-doo, old movie reference)

April G said...

Doo More Eco-Outties

Jorie said...

I suggest "LOLZ Doo-all."

zczmommy said...

Saw your contest through TLB. I say Alli-Ups for "the all purpose upcycled diaper" (I love the term upcycled!)

Kim said...

I absolutely adore these new LolliDoos! My name idea for them is the
DittoDoo Extreme!
They have all of the things we love about LolliDoos and new added features!

Unknown said...

LolliPlops-- for light to heavy doody!

The Camerons said...





MeriLollidoo's (Had to get my daughter in there-hehe)

The Camerons said...
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HeatherO said...

I'm gonna go against all the "doos" and name them

The Econator

It's the diaper superhero! It terminates leaks and is eco friendly and economical!

Amy said...

Multi Doo Gooder

They can be used so many different ways & they are "Gooder" because they are made of upcycled materials.

Blasdell & Sabec Photography said...

How about..

'The Upsi-Doo'

Lolli's Economical Upcycled Diaper for when 'Dooty' calls!

Zai's Mum said...

Super-Dooties for Lolli-Booty Cuties :)

Ellylee said...

Scrumptious Bums All-In-Ones by Lolli Doos :)

DeRae said...
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DeRae said...

Dooty-Doo - Doody-Doo - Duty-Doo.
I couldn't decide which spelling.


dailymom said...

Following along the lines of the other diapers I suggest Eco-alls, since they are all purpose!
Heididaily at gmail dot com

crosales5 said...


MamaHunfy said...

Loll in One
Loll in All
Lolli Solo
Lolli Alpha (or Lolli Alpha Doo)

hun423 at

KarilynAley said...

Alli Lolli
Doo It All
Lolli Doo It All
Just Lolli Doo It (but might not be able to use legally lol just wanted to say it)
Eco Doo
Allies (off innies and outties)
Double Doo-tee/ Double Doo-ty/Double Doo-ti

Kari Meeker
Karilynaley at yahoo dot com

ArchangelKai said...

Re-Use's Lolli-Doo's Diapers

ArchangelKai said...

Re-Use LolliDoo's Cloth Diapers

Cloth Mommy said...

Recycledoo or renew-a-doo
Annette Robertson

Anonymous said...

The Super-Doo

The Lolli-All

The Lollitastic

JustOneMama said...

Royal Lolli Doos....because this seems to be the "monarch" of all diapers

mandi_sronce at yahoo dot com

Kim said...

StuffaCoverPocky Lolli

Tawny's Crochet said...

It's the new
"Alli Lolli"
"Alli Doo Lolli"
"Doo Alli Lolli"

Crystal said...

Universal doo
Super-Dooper Lolli

snyder_crystal at hotmail dot com

Amjowheeler said...

Scrappy Doo's came to mind, as in made from recycled fabric scraps. Hope you get named little eco diaper

Sarah J. said...

LolliDoo Trifecta- using the 3 R's to cover your baby's bottom 3 ways

saywah_j at yahoo dot com

Jenn said...


Or Uni-Lollidoo

Sarah G said...

The "Inni-outti"
"fluffy rumps"

coleycoupons said...

lolli alldoo or maybe lolli unidoo (uni for universal?!?!)

coleycoupons at yahoo dot com

Galen said...

Little black diaper -perfect for every occasion
Innie outtie eco doo
Eco everything diaper
Eco over-under-alls
Eco double duty
Day to night diaper
Eco infinity diaper

Elizabeth said...

Lolli-Dooty (like duty...cause it's heavy duty!)

Lolli-Doody (you doody??)



(No matter what, I call it A-MAZING! LOVE my Recycled outie!)

beccajoy said...

Doo That (It'll do that and more)
Doo All (for all your day and night diapering needs)
Doo Green (Does it all, the green choice that saves you some green!)

beccajmann at gmail dot com

Carrie said...

Lolli Does

Elizabeth said...

The Lolli-Do-Over

Kim said...

Just a couple more suggestions

WillDoo LolliDoo
Do That Too Lollidoo

Eco-Mom said...

I was going to say the Doo-it-All but somebody already said it...

So how about the Honey-Doo, Dooby-Doo or the Can-Doo? Just for fun.:-)

Eco-Mom said...

Lol, or the "Green Doo." ;-)

touchabyebaby at live dot com

Mindyjop said...


Ashley said...

How about the WonderDoo! Because these sound wonderful ;)