Friday, March 27, 2009

LolliDoo® Diaper Photo Extravaganza

Here is a LolliDoo® one-size-fits-all Overnight Pocket Diaper. Folks, these overnights are going to ROCK YOUR SOCKS!

LolliDoo® one-size-fits-all Diaper Covers are made from recycled fleece that
keeps baby dry.

LolliDoo® one-size-fits-all Fitted Diapers are made from a certified organic cotton knit terry that is super soft on baby’s skin.

A newborn wearing a LolliDoo® one-size-fits-all Fitted Diaper and Diaper Cover.

This tush is covered in a Classic LolliDoo® one-size-fits-all Pocket.


Shana said...

These look beautiful! Way to go Ali and Mel! I'm so proud of you.

Earth Lovin Diaper Mama said...

Those are some downright pretty diapers, aren't they!

Amber said...

Those look amazing! I can not wait to get some on my baby's bum!

Mom's Place said...

Awesome!!! Way to go Mel and Ali! The more I see, the more excited I get! Can't wait!!!!!!