Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Made Here, Baby!

I had the opportunity to speak with Bruce Wolk, the author of Made Here, Baby!-an extensive compilation of American manufacturers of children's products. Bruce interviewed over 400 American manufacturers in order to provide the public with this amazing resource.

As you probably know, a lot of the products in our households are foreign made. Buying foreign products directly impacts our economy, puts our children at risk for lead and phthalate poisoning and supports unfair working environments.

Made Here, Baby! guides you to safe, quality, American-made products for new moms, preemies, infants, toddlers, preschool, school age and beyond, including toys, games, puzzles, diaper bags, carriers, car seats, baby products, clothing, shoes, bedding, furniture, sporting goods, and much, much more.

For what it's worth, the reason that all textile components of LolliDoo® Diapers come from the United Statesis that buying products made in the USA supports our local economy by providing jobs which support families and generate domestic spending. Buying domestic also reduces the environmental impact by saving energy required to ship goods internationally.

Support your country, protect your children and educate yourself about the products you buy by checking out his website and ordering your copy of Made Here, Baby! today.

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Anita said...

Love your site. Glad to see another person supporting Made in the USA products. Keep up the good work.