Thursday, October 9, 2008

Zoe Was Accepted Into Kindergarten

My Zoe Ellen will be 4 in May and she was accepted into kindergarten at the Montessori school that some of my older kids attend. I am not one of those moms who push kids to skip grades or to work above their grade level, it's simply that Zoe is ready. I thought about putting her in preschool a few days a week this year, but truthfully she would have been so bored. She is starting to read and she's doing basic math.

It must have been all the fish oil I took while I was pregnant :)


Jen said...

Nyah will be 4 in April and is reading and doing Math also. I've wondered about what to do with her or where to place her (I'm not a pushy mom either,) so I really appreciate you posting this.

I also wish we lived a little closer - with two precocious (red-headed) 3-year olds we should really be doing playdates!

Jen said...

Ugh, I forgot the most important part of my first comment - CONGRATULATIONS, ZOE!

Earth Lovin Diaper Mama said...

It wasn't the fish oil, it was the good breeding stock!

Go Zoe!!!

Oh, and you and Jen BOTH totally need to move close by ME. Haven't you heard? All the smart kids are doing it.

Meryl said...

She must take after her grandmas--Nanny (Meryl) and Nana (Carol)!! LOL