Monday, October 13, 2008

Naming a Product Line is Harder Then You'd Think

Originally our diapers were called, Go Green Baby! All our lines were going to follow the Go Green, for example, Go Green Mama!

Go Green is apparently a buzz word now and it was impossible to trademark. So Melissa and I spent days brainstorming names for our diapers. After giving up, we were discussing our childhood security objects. Hers was a Lolly, I had a DiDoo. LolliDoo® flowed from there.

Melissa and I discussed our children's apparel line; LolliDuds and our mama line; LadyDoo.

I trademarked both names and we thought that we were in business.

Today I went to register the domains and uh oh.

LolliDuds is already in business. It's an eco-friendly t-shirt line, is a really cool site by the way. Our lawyer said we could sue them for the name and win, but Melissa and I want to conduct our business with integrity, and pushing out other businesses is not in integrity.

Likewise, LadyDoo has been registered, and in France of all places. It's not published yet and we have no idea what is going to be. We certainly don't want to risk it being less then upstanding website. So, we need a new name.

Melissa and I have been brainstorming all day on names. We decided to go with LolliDoo® Duds for the children's line.

The mama line is tougher to name. We decided not to go cutesy like LolliDoo since it is for moms. We want a name that is simple but describes our earth friendly, exceptional, handcrafted in the USA products.

I tried combining our names, would you believe that and are already taken? We tried simple words like panache, splendid and hipmama; all taken.

Truthfully I am glad LadyDoo is already registered because I am not in love with the name anymore, but, it's frustrating that we are having creative block in finding a new name.

Our mama line has a product called, RagTime Panties®. We could just use, Go Green Sustainable Industries, which is our parent company. But it doesn't seem to flow.

Oy vey, I am off to do some more brainstorming.

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Earth Lovin Diaper Mama said...

It's too late...I can't come up with a single idea.