Monday, September 22, 2008

Why Made in the USA?

When Melissa and I started Go Green Sustainable Industries, LLC, one of our most important values was that all our products are made in the USA. Not only do want to support our stagnant economy but we believe that in order to be truly eco-friendly, we have to do our best to conserve resources. Even though it is significantly less expensive to manufacture overseas, the waste of fuel is considerable.

I wonder why it is that our laws promote economic growth for other countries and leave the USA in the dust. According to a 2006 government report, many U.S. companies, cloth diaper companies included, employ hundreds of workers overseas which obviously means more economic growth for other countries and less for the USA. Companies have nearly $500 billion stashed abroad that can be taxed here at home. That blows my mind.

While politicians would have you believe that they are going to do something about American companies producing overseas, our tax code actually rewards overseas companies.

“The U.S. tax code is set up so that if I am a U.S. corporation trying to create jobs in Ohio or Ireland, it will point me towards Ireland.”

Says Martin Sullivan, a contributing editor at Tax Analysts.

This is so frustrating for companies like ours who are trying to make an exceptional product domestically. I assume, (yes I know what happens when you assume things), that it is also troublesome for other U.S. manufacturers who cannot compete financially with foreign manufacturers.

Melissa and I are dedicated to producing LolliDoo® Diapers, and product lines entirely in the USA. That means that the fabrics, sewing, labels and notions are made in the USA. Even the PET bottles that are recycled and used in the Ecospun® are domestic.

What does that mean for the consumer?

It means that LolliDoo® will never be a bargain brand. It means that they can be confident in the knowledge that no human rights were violated in the production of their diaper; all contractors are paid a fair wage. It also means that there is less fuel wasted on the transport of LolliDoo® Diapers, so they are helping conserve virgin resources.

Purchasing a LolliDoo® Diaper and accessories means that the consumer can feel confident that they are investing in an environmentally friendly, economically stimulating product that surpasses the average in that it’s handcrafted, made in the USA, recycled and recyclable.

LolliDoo® Be part of the solution, right from the very beginning.

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