Monday, October 10, 2011

My Tye-Dye and Batik Projects

I really, really, really love to create tye-dye and especially batik works of art. I NEVER use batik blocks or other stamps. Everything I made is hand painted freehand. Here's a peek:

Two color batik

Women's skirt that I wound up keeping because I loved it so much

Dolphins - I wish that I had a better picture

Two color batik

Tye Dyed LolliDoo® Fitted Innie™

Another LolliDoo®

Matching outfits

3 color batik

Someone was very specific in what she wanted :)

Two color tye-dye with a little batik

Two color batik

A tiny batik

Multicolor batik scarf

Three color batik scarf

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