Friday, December 3, 2010

Organic Fitted Innies™ - Q and A

Question From LolliFans

Q. Why do your Fitted diapers have a pocket?

A. There are three main reasons that we changed our Fitted Innie™ design to a pocket:

1. With a pocket - you can customize your absorbency. If you have a heavy wetter you can add LolliDoo™ Organic Absorbency and Flat Innies™ as boosters.
2. A pocket eliminates the cumbersome external elastic loop. We've replaced it with an internal cinch sizing system, the same as our eco-pockets.
3. The pocket opening allows for quicker dry time - and we are all about quick drying diapers.

Q. Do I need a cover with fitted diapers?

A. Yes. A fitted diaper is a modern take on the older versions that required pins. LolliDoo™ Organic Innies™ are all made from cotton and need a cover, we recommend LolliDoo™ Recycled Outties™.

Q. How do I size my LolliDoo™ Fitted Innies™?

A. See this chart below.

1. Give a little tug on the elastic cinch sizing.
2. Gently pull the elastic and unbutton it.
3. Re-button the elastic in the hole that best suits your child. Sometimes this takes a try or two before you get the correct size so please be patient.
4. Once your diaper is sized there is no need to re-adjust until your baby is ready for the next size. The elastic will stay put during laundering.

Q. Who dyes the tye dyed Fitted Innies™?

A. As you may know, we are a small family run company. As such, each tye dyed Innie™ has been hand dyed personally by me (Alison) at my home in Tucson, AZ.

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