Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Origin of an Overnight Miracle Diaper

I've heard that out of every failure something better comes along. This has certainly held true for Melissa and I as we created Go Green Sustainable Industries.

Originally a few years back we had a gorgeous diaper. Like the diapers you have today - these were made from recycled and organic textiles. I can't remember the exact name of the recycled fabric we were using but I was in love with it. It was trim, cute and affordable. However after extensive testing we had to ditch the fabric because it leaked. That's an understatement - pee poured out from the front -back - legs and waist.

Melissa and I were understandably crushed.

Three early LolliDoo Diapers - then called Go Green Baby!

Out of this failure we discovered Eco-Fleece. I wasn't very excited about using a fleece on diapers at first. It was only after testing that I was a believer. You see I thought the fleece would be hot but in actuality it's breathable. In other words, instead of trapping moisture and heat against the baby's skin like plastic will do, fleece allows air to circulate which actually keeps babies drier.

Then we had a happy accident. We discovered that the 300 weight fleece was able to repel copious amounts of moisture without leaking.

Holy Dry Butts Batman!

We finally have a viable diaper that is not only great during the day but offers overnight protection even for heavy wetters.

No more disposables - no more wasting money - no more worrying about leaking!

So there you have it - the background behind LolliDoo™ Overnight eco-pockets™ I am so grateful that the Universe provided what so many parents needed to keep their babies safe and dry all night.

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