Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tye Dying at the Manes House

Last night we had "girls night". I batik often and the girls wanted to tye dye. I made the mistake of doing it in the house. As you can see, I made a HUGE MISTAKE by doing it in the house. They tye dyed the floor, my table and themselves.

Zoe had the most dye on her, she turned the bathtub brown.

This is Talia's very first tye dye and I have to say that I am impressed, I didn't help her at all, hence the dyed floor.

The kids made these for Chuck

One of my BFF's is having a baby, so I made this for her but I'm not happy with it so I am going to batik something instead.

I made this for myself, something I rarely do.

Zoe's collection, she did a pretty good job, I think more dye was on the floor then her shirts though.

Rylee made these for Ashton

I batiked a little once they were down for the night


Guinea Pig said...

I've never tie-dyed. I really should give it a go. I think those all turned out really well.

BTW, my word verification word is bless. :)

Earth Lovin Diaper Mama said...

OMG! What a mess! But I love them!

Chris said...

Those look great! We love to tie-dye too, but we only do it in the warm weather because I won't do it in the house for the very reason you have experienced. I love that batik on Rylee, btw.