Monday, January 9, 2012

Working Out Grief Through Art

My husband bought me a pack of Prisma pencils for my birthday in November. It was the best gift as it gave me an outlet to express my grief.  I started out drawing apples:

Apple on a coffee cup

Apple on a lid

Apples in basket

Then I moved on to sketching my brother

Jonny Blue

Jonny in August

Inside My Head

After that I went on to random topics:

Bleeding Heart

Happy Butterfly

Putting the Pieces Back Together


Creating art has been cathartic, helping me release emotions so that I can function. My brother's death is still raw and painful and my art reflects that.

1 comment:

soha said...

I think your pathway of using art to express this great grief is a healing and rewarding choice. I especially love the piece "Why?"

Hope you will continue to follow this intuitive path.

With love,