Thursday, June 2, 2011

LolliDoo Diapers and Advocacy for a better planet

LolliDoo™ Diapers and Advocacy for a better planet

By Melissa Morgan, IBCLC and co-founder of LolliDoo™ Diapers.

I don't usually step on my soap box, but I feel this one's important. I began watching this video (as initially introduced to me by Spokane Riverkeeper) because water quality and conservation is an important issue to me and the Lochsa River is a vital part of water recreation in my neck of the woods. But where this video leads you goes so far beyond that...

For my new friends who may not be aware, not only am I an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) serving families in Eastern Washington, North Idaho, and throughout the web, I am also a Managing Member of Go Green Sustainable Industries (along with my business partner and kindred spirit Alison Manes) and am the designer of LolliDoo Diapers. The recycled eco-fleece used in LolliDoo Diapers are inspired by my and my husband's experience as whitewater enthusiasts; they are designed to be integrated with an outdoor lifestyle for the growing family, as well as to conserve water and energy through household laundering.

By using LolliDoo and supporting our American small business, you are part of a movement to "be the change" and "buy local." Your commitment to cloth diapering with LolliDoo effects change not only with your family and the health of your little ones, but also impacts a greater global good. Our eco-fleece outer saves an environmentally costly raw material (petroleum-based water bottles) from a landfill-filling fate and repurposes it into a useful, recyclable product that can be used again and again while keeping your baby dry. In addition, our cottage industry provides much-needed income to American families AND saves environmental and financial resources from no overseas shipping of raw materials and finished goods.

Petroleum-based plastics have become an integral part of our daily life, but the manner in which these plastics are obtained is of great consequence. Fan Advocates for the West if you're interested in learning and doing more to save our Wild West and to protect our American way of life from corporate greed.

...and now back to breastfeeding. :)

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