Monday, September 13, 2010

LolliDoo one-size diapers - will they fit your baby?

I have been approached by parents concerned that their child is too big for LolliDoo one-size diapers. While I am the first to admit that one size fits most - not all - I can assure you that most is true.

This gorgeous girl wears a size 6 disposable diaper and they are snug on her. She is wearing a LolliDoo Classic eco-pocket with two Organic Absorbency Innies. She has a row of snaps at either end of the waist - plenty of room to grow.

Sweet Gabe is brand new in this photo. Again - not a little guy - but you can see how well he fits into his LolliDoo Overnight eco-pocket.

Oh Ike - how we love you so! Here he is during the day with a LolliDoo Overnight eco-pocket - guess dad wanted to be triple sure that his shoulders didn't get wet.

Here is Ike all grown up with his friend Zeah. Ike and Zeah are wearing LolliDoo Classic eco-pockets. You can see that there is a significant size difference between the two little ones - yet they are wearing the same diaper.

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