Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An Eco Friendly Alternative to Wrapping Paper and Gift Bags

I should have posted this earlier and I apologize. My friend Sarah had the greatest idea this year. She offered hand sewn gift bags for the holidays. At just $4 a bag, who can pass up this economical and eco-friendly packaging solution? I am Jewish so mine are Hanukkah bags, but most of them were for Christmas. Her address is imamamadiapers@yahoo.com and she just informed me that she is making Valentine bags.

Other ways I reduce during the holiday season are by:
~Re-using gift bags, tissue paper and boxes for years. Literally until they break. Then I recycle them.
~An old Hershey tradition is to not sign cards. My grandmother, May Hershey, always gives the presentee blank cards with their gifts. She does this to be frugal but the tradition stuck and my whole family attaches blank cards so that they can be re-used.
~At my house we always recycle wrapping paper. I was surprised to find out that a lot of people didn't know that it was recyclable.
~Lastly, I always make presents. Well that's not totally true, gifts to my family are comprised of things that my kids made. That way, we get to use all those lovely things they make in school and my family is overjoyed to receive kid art.

However you celebrate the holidays, please be on the lookout for ways to reduce your carbon footprint.


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